iSchool Career Center Newsletter 9/24/14

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Recruitment Policy and Professional Conduct

Now that school has started, you are already starting to look for an internship or job! Fall is a big time of year for recruiting, so you should be prepared. As you search for a job that suits your skills and interests, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Show up!

Go visit with recruiters at information sessions! And then, when you get an interview offer, celebrate! And then, show up to your interview! No-shows to interviews are super bad form. If something comes up and you need to reschedule your interview, that’s understandable, but do so in advance and communicate clearly with your interviewer or recruiter. Companies spend valuable time recruiting and they are busy, don’t waste their time or you could be damaging future opportunities for yourself and for others.

Negotiate wisely

You may want to negotiate the terms of your job or internship offer, and that’s okay. But do so in good faith, meaning, only negotiate if you really intend to accept the job offer if your request is met. Do your research so that you are negotiating with data and information to support your request. Be professional and positive in your correspondence, and remember that a job offer is not something you’re entitled to, it’s an honor to be acknowledged for the potential useful contribution you could make to a company.

Multiple Offers

Sometimes you’re extra-successful and you might get multiple offers! Or perhaps you’re in a position where you have an offer from a summer internship and you’d like to interview for other positions because you’re not sure what you want or you want to see if you can find something better. There are two things to know if you’re in this situation, the first is that once you have ACCEPTED an offer with a company, you must STOP INTERVIEWING for other positions. Once you accept, you are committed to that employer, just as they are committed to you (you wouldn’t want them to turn around and fill your position with someone else who might be better, leaving you hanging, and you shouldn’t do that to them either). The second thing to know is that if you are struggling with multiple offers or interviews that are going well, and you need help in deciding, come see me! I’m happy to help you work through a decision or a strategy for how to handle multiple companies that you’re interested in. Just schedule an appointment and I can help you figure it out.

Good luck with the start of recruiting season, you’re going to find a great position that will do amazing things for your career this year!


  • iCareers Resume Lab, 9/25, 12:30-1:30 p.m., MGH 430
  • Employer Information Session: PWC, 9/30, 12:30-1:30, HUB 145
  • iSchool Resume Lab, 10/1, 12:30-1:30 p.m., HUB 332
  • Grab & Go Info Session (Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship), 9/25: More info HERE


  • WTIA Tech Crawl: Pioneer Square, 9/25: More info HERE
  • Connecting Washington State to the National Innovation System, 9/25, 7:30-9:30 a.m.: More info HERE
  • Central District Startup Weekend, 9/26-9/28: More info HERE
  • Seattle Biz-Tech Summit, 9/26-9/27: More info HERE
  • Home Automation Hackathon, 9/26-9/28: More info HERE
  • TEDxRainierSalon at Pacific Science Center, 9/27: More info HERE


  • IT Analyst (Intern), Cisco Systems: Apply via iCareers, ID 1804
  • IT Engineer (Intern), Cisco Systems: Apply via iCareers, ID 1805
  • Archives Processing Assistant, Seattle Public Library: Apply via iCareers, ID 1793
  • User Experience Design Intern, 9Mile Labs: Apply via iCareers, ID 1794
  • Cyber Security Support Technical Grad Summer 2015 Intern: Apply via iCareers, ID 1778
  • Paid Research and Library Intern, The New Foundation, Seattle: Apply via iCareers, ID 1768
  • Software Engineer Intern, Say Media: Apply via iCareers, ID 1697
  • Front/Back end Developer, CashVue: Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83273
  • Software Engineering Intern at Box: Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83258
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Data Analyst: Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83280
  • Engineering Leadership Program Intern (ELP Engineer Intern): Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83211
  • IT Intern, Envestnet | Tamarac, Inc.: Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83207
  • Software Engineering Intern, Asana: Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83203
  • Software QA Intern, NetApp, Apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83197


  • Business Intelligence (BI)/Data Analyst, University of Washington: APPLY HERE
  • Emerging Technologies Librarian, University of Maryland: APPLY HERE
  • Systems Software Engineer, Igneous Systems: APPLY HERE
  • Data Engineer, Epoxy, Inc.: Apply via HuskyJobs
  • Interaction Designer/Developer, Zumobi: Apply via HuskyJobs
  • Software Development Engineer, Amazon: APPLY HERE
  • Technical Data Analyst, Amazon: APPLY HERE
  • Systems Engineer, Amazon: APPLY HERE
  • Software Development Engineer, Zillow: APPLY HERE
  • Software Development Engineer I, Alaska Airlines: APPLY HERE
  • Bibliographer for Social Sciences and Quantitative Data, Harvard College Library: APPLY HERE
  • Coordinator, Digital Library Services, Florida Virtual Campus: APPLY HERE
  • Information Literacy/Instruction Coordinator Librarian: APPLY HERE
  • Manager: Digital Assets, McDonald’s Corporation: APPLY HERE
  • Special Collections Librarian, University of Iowa: APPLY HERE
  • Visual Resources Librarian, Lafayette College: APPLY HERE
  • Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Services, Boston College: APPLY HERE
  • Library Applications Developer, Drexel University: APPLY HERE
  • Web Services Librarian and Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago: APPLY HERE

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