Welcome to the 2014-15 Academic Year!

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The staff in Student Services is excited to start another academic year! We have planned a number of events for fall quarter including a chats with the Dean, a variety of career workshops and meet-the-firm events, as well as our traditional Spooky Study Break. For our online students: watch for ways to attend these events online or listen to the recordings at a later date.

Here’s a guide to the information you’ll find in this document:

– New Faces

  • Students Services Staff Changes
  • New iSchool Faculty

– iSchool Facilities

  • New Spaces and upcoming changes
  • iLounge and iSchool Computer Lab Etiquette
  • Husky Card Access

– Communication

  • Student Services blog and Social Media
  • Advising emails

– iSchool Committees and Student Leadership Council

– Funding to Present at Conferences

– iCareers

  • scheduling academic and career advising appointments
  • viewing iSchool events
  • accessing internship and job postings

– Fall Conversations with the Dean


New Faces

Student Services Staffing Changes

Welcome our new staff members: Kili and Lovely!

Kili Bergau is our new MLIS/PhD Program Coordinator
Kili is returning to Student Services as she worked for us during the 2011-12 academic year. In June she graduated from the Online MLIS program. For her Capstone project, Kili worked with the Digital Public of America to curate an exhibit highlighting digital materials related to American Cartography.  For the past two years, she’s been working as a researcher and analyst for a recruiting firm that focuses on technological fields. Kili is a native of Hawaii and has an undergraduate degree from Western Washington University.

Lovely Domingo is our new INFO/MSIM Program Coordinator
Lovely is a Manila-born, Hawaii-raised, Seattle-transplant, and UW alumna, class of 2007. She spends a lot of time hanging out with family and friends, cheering for the Seattle Seahawks while wishing for the return of the Seattle SuperSonics. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, playing basketball with friends, and coaching basketball for inner city youth. Ask her about Game of Thrones and/or Orphan Black, but please: no spoilers!

New iSchool Faculty

The iSchool hired a record number of new faculty members this year.  Some of them are joining us this fall, and some will be joining us in winter quarter. More information about our new faculty can be found at https://ischool.uw.edu/news/2014/06/ischool-hires-record-number-faculty

iSchool Facilities

New iSchool Spaces

The iSchool space is growing! Over the summer, the iSchool acquired and remodeled space in Bloedel Hall: http://www.washington.edu/maps/#!/bld.  This new space houses the iSchool Research Offices, a classroom space, and collaborating meeting and study space for students.  The remodel of the space is still being finalized, and over the next quarter you will have the opportunity to visit the space for classes or other events.

The Bloedel space is only step one of the changes for the iSchool. Throughout this academic year, there will be more remodeling including a changes to the fourth floor, which will include a new space for Student Services as well as the iLounge.  More details about the construction on the fourth floor will be provided to you as they become available.

While this construction is being done, some Student Services staff are in temporary offices. Please check in with the main Student Services Office in MGH 470 to connect with any of the Student Services staff.

iSchool Shared Space Etiquette

The iSchool has several spaces available for iSchool students’ use.  The iLounge (MGH 424), Computer Lab (MGH 440), and (when not being used for classes) the Classroom Lab (MGH 430) are available iSchool for students to use to support your academic activities.  These spaces are accessed with your husky card.  The expectations of the iSchool are that these environments be welcoming and comfortable for ALL iSchool students.

Computer Lab Norms may be found at https://ischool.uw.edu/technology/computer-labs/policies.

iLounge Norms: This space is open to use by all iSchool students, staff and faculty as well as the custodial staff of Mary Gates Hall.  The kitchen space is shared and each individual user is responsible to clean-up after himself or herself.  This includes dishes, microwave, table tops, countertops and the fridge.  Once a quarter, members of various iSchool student organizations do a general cleaning of this space.

Problems Accessing an iSchool Space?

If your Husky card is not working in the computer lab or iLounge, contact the iSchool facilities manager Carmen Cook at carmenc@uw.edu.

iSchool Communications

All students are responsible for being aware of the UW and iSchool policies and procedures to which they must adhere:

The iSchool has a reputation as a place where we develop information leaders who are sought after by top professionals in the information field. This reputation depends upon the consistently professional behavior and high quality work of our students and graduates. We expect you to be part of this positive community by maintaining the highest standard of professional conduct possible in all of your interactions with university staff, employers, recruiters, and your fellow students across campus. We expect students to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism at all times. When faculty or staff representing the university explain policies or procedures to you, we expect that you will behave professionally, politely, and graciously, that you will follow instructions and requests of staff, and that you will abide by university policies not just at the iSchool but elsewhere on campus.

iSchool Communications

Keeping You Informed

As a reminder, our primary mode of communication to iSchool Students regarding academic issues is by email to your UW email account. It is your responsibility to be aware of the information we send to your official UW email address.

In addition to email, Student Services uses a number of other communication mediums to manage the various types of announcements we are asked to forward to students. Announcements about UW activities, professional events or other opportunities for students that aren’t directly related to your academic program are posted on the Student Services blog. In addition to the blog, we also have several social media accounts.

Here are the links:

Emails for Advising Questions

Have quick advising question?  Send it to one of our advising emails.

PhD        Program Staff: Kili or Jason                       Advising Email: ischoolphd@uw.edu
MLIS      Program Staff: Kili or Marie                        Advising Email: mlis@uw.edu
MSIM    Program Staff: Lovely or Jason                   Advising Email: msim@uw.edu
INFO      Program Staff: Lovely, Dowell, or Tori*      Advising Email: informatics@uw.edu
Career  Career Staff: Ashlee or Janet                      Advising Email: icareers@uw.edu

*Note: Tori is currently on maternity leave and will be returning to work in late October.

iSchool Committees and Student Leadership Council

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a group of student leaders who serve as an advisory committee to the Dean and other administrators of the iSchool.  In addition, this group selects student representatives for several iSchool committees as well as allocates funding to iSchool student organizations. This year’s council members are:

The 2014-15 Student Leadership Council

Beth Lytle                    ALISS Co-President
Bhargav Shah              AIMS Co-Vice President
Kate Emery                 ALISS Treasurer
Krista Davis                 AIMS President
Marissa Ho                  IUGA Vice President
Norah Abokhodair       DSA Representative
Zach Balter                 IUGA Director of Public Relations

Alternative members

Becca Fronczak           ALISS Co-President
Helen Mak                  AIMS Secretary

Looking for ways to get involved in the Information School?
Consider an iSchool Committee!

The iSchool is seeking student representation for the following iSchool committees:

  • Diversity
  • Facilities
  • Research
  • iSchool Year End Event Planning Committee

As a committee member, you will be responsible for attending committee meetings to represent the student perspective, participating in committee activities and reporting pertinent committee topics to the iSchool Student Community. In addition, you may be asked to attend periodic Student Leadership Council meetings to update them on the work of the committee you represent. Serving on the committee is a great way to learn about what is happening in the iSchool as well as work closely with members of the iSchool faculty, staff and administration. Student Representatives are selected by the Student Leadership Council.

The deadline to submit your application is Friday, October 10, 5 p.m. The application can be found at https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/ioss/248468

More details about what these various committees do and, if available, when the committee’s meet are included in the survey.


Conference Funding

Presenting at a Professional Conference?

The iSchool has funding available to help subsidize the cost for MLIS, MSIM and INFO students presenting at a conference.  These funds are requested through your academic adviser.  More information is available on the iSchool website at http://ischool.uw.edu/current/scholarship-funding

iCareers: Appointments, Events and Career Support

Current students should becoming avid users of iCareers, which allows for the following:

  • View and sign-up for upcoming workshops and events for current students.  This includes degree program-specific sessions, career services workshops, and student group events.  To view an event just log into iCareers, click on “upcoming workshops” in the shortcuts menu on the right side of the home screen, and choose the event in which you wish to RSVP.
  • Explore the career support aspects of iCareers.  You can look for jobs, internships, and Capstone opportunities; you can upload your resume; and you can sign up for experiential learning opportunities.

Fall Conversations with the Dean

Each quarter Dean Bruce holds informal meetings with small groups of iSchool students. These meetings are a chance for students to talk with the Dean about their experiences at the iSchool and the UW. There are two Conversations with the Dean scheduled for fall quarter:

  • Wednesday, October 29, 12 to 1:30,
  • Thursday, November 25, 12 to 1:30

Space is limited for both events. If you’d like to participate, send an RSVP to Ashlee Choi (ashleech@uw.edu).

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