iSchool Career Center Newsletter 10/7/14

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Prepare for Career Fairs

It’s almost time for the largest career fairs of the year on the UW Campus, and these can be great opportunities to jump start your networking and get a sense of what kinds of opportunities exist for you! You should mark your calendar for:

Business Career Fair: October 14th, 2:00 – 6:00 pm, HUB Ballrooms

This fair is usually over 100 employers, and will have a huge variety of businesses that are interested in hiring a wide variety of roles. Be on the lookout for the employers who are hiring technical roles, there should be a lot, but you’ll have to weed through a those who are hiring sales/marketing roles.

Science and Engineering Career Fair: October 20th, 12:00 – 5:00 pm, HUB Ballrooms

This fair is focused on science and engineering positions, so you’ll see a good number of technical roles from employers at this fair. It’s another large one, do not miss it if you’re interested in technical jobs and internships!

How can you get prepared?

  1. Do your research: You’ll have a better time at large fairs like this if you do a bit of research ahead of time on the employers that are coming and what they’re hiring for. Spend a few hours going over the list of employers, learning about them, visit their careers pages, look to see if they have postings in HuskyJobs or iCareers, and prioritize who you want to make sure you visit at the fair.
  2. Prepare your elevator pitch. Come to Don’t Be Awkward on Monday October 13th to get a perfect pitch and introduction that you can use when you meet people at the career fair!
  3. Prepare your resumes. You’ll want to tailor your resume as much as possible for the roles that interest you. So prepare several versions of your resume that you can hand out depending on which employers you’re visiting, so that you are still marketing yourself for each position type that is of interest to you. Put your tailored resumes in folders or use sticky notes so that you know which one to give to each company you visit.

Remember to collect contact information and follow up afterwards with the recruiters and companies that seem like a best fit for you! I’ll see you at the career fairs.

Campus Career Events

  • Employer Information Session: Amazon, 10/7, 12:30-1:30 p.m., HUB 322
  • ABSAL Making Moves with Microsoft, 10/7, 5:00-6:30 p.m., Paccar Hall: more info HERE
  • Nike Tech Talk, 10/8, 5:30-7:30 p.m., EE125: more info HERE
  • iSchool Career Fair Prep Session, 10/9, 12:30-1:30 p.m., OUGL 220
  • Boeing Information Session, 10/9, 5:30-7:30 p.m. in MGH 134: more info HERE
  • Design Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration Workshop, 10/10, Frye Museum: more info HERE
  • Don’t Be Awkward, 10/13, 12:30-1:30 p.m., HUB 250
  • DubHacks, 10/17-18, University of Washington: more info HERE

Highlighted Community Events

  • Seattle Legal Tech Startup Weekend, 10/10-12: more info HERE
  • GeekGirlCon, 10/11-12: more info HERE

Highlighted Student Jobs and Internships

  • Information Management Intern, Boeing Library Sciences: apply HERE
  • Firmware and Software Internship/Co-Op, Tesla Motors: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83647
  • Technical Internship, Redfin: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83595
  • James Leland Dirks, Jr. Library Preservation Intern, UW: apply via iCareers
  • Student Technician – Collection Management Services, UW: apply via iCareers
  • Social Media Tool Developer, UW: apply via iCareers
  • UX Research Intern, Doubledown Interactive: apply via iCareers
  • Hourly Reader/Grader, INFX 542, UW: apply via iCareers
  • Digital Project Metadata Intern, Seattle Public Library: apply via iCareers
  • IT Analyst Intern, Cisco Systems: apply via iCareers
  • IT Engineer Intern, Cisco Systems: apply via iCareers
  • Virtual Emergency Operations Center Developer, UW: apply via iCareers

Highlighted Professional Jobs

  • Web Services Librarian, University of Illinois, Chicago: apply HERE
  • Temp Assistant Librarian, Seattle University: apply HERE
  • Electronic Resources Librarian, University of Colorado, Boulder: apply HERE
  • Senior Web Developer (half-time w/benefits), University of Maryland: apply HERE
  • Library & Archives Paraprofessional I, Central Washington University: apply HERE
  • Adjunct Librarian, Tacoma Community College: apply HERE
  • Director of Public Services—Mobile Services, King County Library System: apply HERE
  • Information Architect/Taxonomist, Amazon: apply HERE
  • User Experience Library Technician, UW: apply HERE
  • Associate Solutions Architect, Amazon: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83623
  • Cyber Security Systems Design and Integration Specialist, Boeing: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 83656
  • Head, Special Collections, Bradbury Associates: apply via iCareers
  • IT Analyst, Cisco Systems: apply via iCareers
  • Data Classification Analyst-Temp Contractor, CampusPoint: apply via iCareers
  • Data Scientist, BlackRock: apply via iCareers
  • Front End Web Developer/Designer, BlackRock: apply via iCareers
  • Drupal Developer, Seattle Public Library: apply via iCareers
  • Java Developer, BrickLink Limited: apply via iCareers
  • .Net Developer, Spectra Infosystems: apply via iCareers
  • Special Collections Librarian, San Diego State University: apply HERE
  • Descriptive Cataloger for Special Project, Fieldstead and Company: apply HERE

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