iSchool Career Center Newsletter 10/22/14

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Interviewing Resources

Are you getting ready for interviews? If you’re not yet, you might find yourself interviewing sometime soon! You have probably done some preliminary research on how to interview, but there are lots of things to think about as you’re prepping for your big chance with a job or internship. Here are some tips that can help you be successful.

  • Be likeable! Interviewing is all about convincing people you’re a good fit for the company, and that means making a good first impression. Focus on body language, smile, give consistent eye-contact, sit up straight and adopt an active stance when you’re at the table. Dress well, present a put-together appearance. Smile, laugh, show your personality, and make conversation! “If the interview hasn’t moved to more of a conversation by the third question, I’m probably not that interested”, a hiring manager friend once told me. Treat your interviewer like a person that you’d want to work with and get to know professionally.
  • Ask questions. Asking questions shows that you’re engaged in the interview and invested in learning about the job. You also want to make sure the job is a good fit! Ask questions about the scope of responsibilities, who the position reports to, what it would take to be successful in the position, what the biggest challenges of the role are, and more.
  • Know what you can offer. Have stories prepared that show your skills and experience. Practice these in advance, and make sure you include them in all of your interview responses. Research the company/organization and the job description, so that you know what the needs are likely to be and can tell stories that show how you’re going to be able to meet those needs.
  • Build a connection as you follow-up. Send an immediate thank-you message. Include a follow-up on something you learned during the interview (the better you listened/asked questions in your interview, the more you will be able to refer to in your follow-up letter or email), to keep the conversation going and stay engaged with the staff.

And if you need more support, schedule a mock interview through the main UW Career Center! Good luck!


  • Resumes – Getting Started, 10/23, MGH 134, 3:30-4:00 p.m.: more info HERE
  • PepsiCo Employer Information Session: 10/23, Dempsey 102, 5:30-7:00 p.m.: more info HERE
  • Two Sigma Employer Information Session, 10/23, MGH 134, 5:30-7:30 p.m.: more info HERE
  • LinkedIn Lab, 10/24, MGH 134, 1:30-2:30 p.m.: more info HERE
  • SwitchPoint Consulting Employer Information Session, 10/27, Dempsey 102, 12:30-1:15 p.m.: more info HERE
  • Resume Lab, 10/27, MGH 134, 3:00-4:00 p.m.: more info HERE


  • OfferUp: Careers and Beers, 10/23, 4:00-7:00 p.m.: more info HERE
  • InfoCamp Seattle 2014, 10/25, 9:00-5:00 p.m.: more info HERE
  • IC3: IT Cloud Computing Conference, 10/27-28: more info HERE


  • Volunteer, Jewish Archives of Washington State, UW Libraries Special Collections: email Elizabeth Russell HERE
  • Capstone: Internet of Things for the Global Supply Chain, Expeditors International of Washington, Inc.: apply via iCareers, ID 1915
  • Capstone: Usability Project, Dine Safe King County: apply via iCareers, ID 1907
  • Montana Dept. of Transportation Library Internship Summer 2015, Montana Dept. of Transportation Library: apply via iCareers, ID 1909
  • Front-End Web Developer, 9Mile Labs: apply via iCareers, ID 1900
  • Graduate Capstone Teaching Assistant, WI and SP 2015, University of Washington iSchool: apply via iCareers, ID 1882
  • BOLD Discovery Program – Freshman: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84154
  • BOLD Immersion Program 2015 – Sophomores: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84153
  • Site Reliability Engineer Intern, Placed: apply via LinkedIn, ID 84126
  • Software Engineering Intern, LinkedIn: apply via LinkedIn, ID 84130
  • Data Science Intern, Concur Technologies: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84047


  • Director of Library Special Collections, UCLA Library: apply HERE
  • Associate, Research & Strategic Initiatives, American Federation of Teachers: more info HERE. Send cover letter and resume to director of human resources or to; reference post #AOF-58-31-1014-N.
  • Director, Divinity School Library, Yale University: apply via iCareers, ID 1922
  • Market Research Analyst, Whale Path: apply via iCareers, ID 1921
  • Business Systems Analyst – Absence, University of Washington: apply via iCareers, ID 1918
  • Business Systems Analyst – Security, University of Washington: apply via iCareers, ID 1919
  • Library Director, Farmers Branch, Library Systems & Services: apply via iCareers, ID 1914
  • Associate Director, Information Technology Services, American Civil Liberties Union: apply via iCareers, ID 1913
  • Backend Developer, Azuqua: apply via iCareers, ID 1911
  • Manager, Information Technology, Bradbury Associates/Gossage Sager Associates: apply via iCareers, ID 1888
  • Information Technology Support Specialist, West Bloomfield Township Public Library: apply via iCareers, ID 1885
  • Circulation and Technology Support Manager, University of Minnesota: apply HERE
  • Education Librarian, Keene State College: apply HERE
  • European Studies Librarian, University of Florida Libraries: apply HERE
  • Government Documents Coordinator/Business Liaison Librarian, Columbus State University: apply HERE
  • Lead UX Designer, GE Healthcare: apply HERE
  • Reading and Materials Director, Pierce County Library System: apply HERE
  • Part-time Library Technician, Moody Bible Institute: apply HERE
  • Adult Services Librarian, Kitsap Regional Library: apply HERE
  • Managing Librarian I, Sno-Isle Libraries: apply HERE

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