iSchool Career Center Newsletter 10/30/14

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You’ve all by now heard that I’m moving on from my role at the iSchool, my last day will be November 14th, and I’m sad to be leaving you all! However, I’m leaving to pursue a dream of an opportunity in my own career, I’ve always wanted to live abroad, and this is my chance to do it. There are lots of you who are also interested in careers abroad, so if you are hoping to make an international move at some point, I have some tips for you!

  1. Tell everyone what you want. In order to make my move, I told everyone in my life about my love for Sydney, Australia, where I’ll be heading. I told every friend, family friend, and any time anything international came up in conversation I would explain that one of my life goals is to live there. All that talk paid off, I found my job opportunity because my mentor happened to know the person that I’ll be going to work for in Australia, and offered to connect me. Networking is even more important in an international job search than it is in a US job search, because it’s hard to hire someone internationally. It’s expensive, there’s lots of extra paperwork for the company, so companies are only going to be willing to take that kind of risk if they are sure you’re going to be a good investment. Being referred through a trusted connection is how to help ensure that.
  2. Stand out. Be hard to miss. Make sure you have a great online presence, be a leader in your professional community, look for ways to be a recognized name, whether that’s sharing information or leading a team or starting something new or volunteering to step up at a professional association. If you’re a leader in your field you’ll rise above your competition, even if your competition is easier to hire than you.
  3. Know what it takes. Know what you’ll need to demonstrate in terms of your skills and experience to get hired in the country you want doing the job you want. You can get lots of great information on this by talking to people who live and work in the country or region you’re aiming for. Go back to step #1 and start telling people what you want to do, and you’ll find that lots of people “know someone” who lives there or does that. Learn about the hiring process in that country. In Australia, for example, almost every job requires a resume and cover letter but also a Statement of Qualifications, a tremendously long document where you outline how you meet every qualification in the job description. If I hadn’t prepared that, I wouldn’t be considered. You can find great information on job application quirks for different countries at
  4. Take a deep breath and go for it. A lot of the advice I received when I was considering my options was “just move here.” If you go to the country you want to live and work in, it’ll be easier to develop relationships and show your value. So consider a trip if you can, where you might meet with people who are doing the kind of work you want to do, tour the area to learn about local businesses, and look for networking events or industry events or conferences that you can participate in. Once you’re there, you’ll learn much more much faster, and build your networks quicker too. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Check out another great site as well, Escape the City ( )   has great global job opportunities for those looking to do something different. Enjoy!


  • LinkedIn Lab for International Students, 10/30, 2:30-4:00 p.m., MGH : more info HERE
  • Employer Information Session: Physio-Control, 10/30 5:30-7:00 p.m., Dempsey Hall 102: more info HERE
  • Interview Basics, 10/31, 12:30-1:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • Anatomy of a Job Announcement: 10/31, 1:30-2:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • Cover Letters – Getting Started, 11/3, 3:30-4:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • Employer Information Session: PacCar, 11/4, 12:20-1:15 p.m., MGH 389: more info HERE
  • Identifying Your Strengths, 11/4, 2:30-4:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • LinkedIn for Grad Students, 11/4, 3:30-4:30 p.m., SAV 264: more info HERE
  • Cover Letter Lab, 11/5, 3:30-4:30 p.m. MGH 134: more info HERE
  • Cover Letter Lab for International Students, 11/6, 1:30-3:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE


  • Bringing a Secure Cloud to Your Enterprise, 10/29, 11:00-12:00 p.m.: more info HERE
  • Integra Tech Expo Seattle, 11/4, 8:30-3:30 p.m.: more info HERE
  • New Tech Eastside, 11/4, 5:30-8:15 p.m.: more info HERE
  • Techstars Launch Party 2014, 6:00-11:30 p.m.: more info HERE


  • Computer Science Engineering Internship, Physio-Control, Inc.: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84223
  • Network Engineer Intern, Physio-Control, Inc.: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84228
  • Visual Designer/Interaction Designer Intern, Physio-Control, Inc.: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84231
  • Web Developer, TripTips: apply via iCareers, ID 1609
  • Instruction-focused DFW, Seattle Central College Library: apply via iCareers, ID 1048
  • Capstone: Elizabeth Bailey Willis Photograph and Art Collection, UW Libraries: apply via iCareers ID 1972
  • Capstone: Elmer Ogawa Photography Collection, UW Libraries: apply via iCareers, ID 1968
  • Capstone: Karl Kernberger Photography and Moving Image Collection, UW Libraries: apply via iCareers, ID 1970
  • Capstone: Nile Shrine Photograph Collection, UW Libraries: apply via iCareers, ID 1966
  • Capstone: The King Broadcasting Company Photo Collection, UW Libraries, apply via iCareers, ID 1967
  • Capstone: The Price/Rogers Leavenworth, Washington Collection, UW Libraries, apply via iCareers, ID 1973
  • Capstone: The Seattle Urban League Photograph and Film Collection, UW Libraries, apply via iCareers, ID 1969
  • Capstone: Theodore Kusakovich Photograph and Ephermera Collection, UW Libraries, apply via iCareers, ID 1971
  • Capstone: Woodinville Historical Society Collection, UW Libraries, apply via iCareers, ID 1974
  • Graduate Staff Assistant – Visual/Interaction Designer, UW: apply via iCareers, ID 1965
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant – INFO 498 B (Mobile Application Development, WI 2015), UW: apply via iCareers ID 1961
  • Capstone: Folders as the New Tags, UW iSchool: apply via iCareers, ID 1956
  • Capstone: Stories to Link our Information, UW iSchool: apply via iCareers, ID 1957
  • Curatorial Assistant, Labor Archives of Washington State: apply via iCareers, ID 1955


  • Senior Implementation & Migration Manager, Artstor, New York: apply HERE
  • DMP Technical Digital Marketing Consultant, BlueKai: apply via iCareers, ID 1959
  • Records Analyst 2, UW: apply via iCareers, ID 1958
  • Research Analyst, Sutter Hill Ventures: apply via iCareers, ID 1960
  • EpicCare Informatics Specialist, UW Medicine: apply via iCareers, ID 1952
  • Software Development Manager, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Software Program Manager, EnergySavvy: apply HERE
  • Engineering Development Lead/Manager, Level11: apply HERE
  • Director of Development, InvestED: apply HERE
  • Operations Supervisor, Foster Library, Tukwila: apply HERE
  • Research and Information Operations Manager, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe: apply HERE
  • Librarian – Youth Selector, Kitsap Regional Library: apply HERE
  • Reading and Materials Director, Pierce County Library: apply HERE
  • Reference Librarian (part-time), Gonzaga University: apply HERE
  • Information Technology Technician, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife: apply HERE
  • Data Indexer, University of Washington IHME: apply HERE
  • Librarian I (part-time), Everett Public Library: apply HERE

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