Events: Fact Oriented Data Modeling Workshop with Dr.Gordon Everest on 11/14


Events: Happy Hour and Fact Oriented Data Modeling with Dr. Gordon Everest – get out of the “table think”!
Happy Hour: FREE 11/13 5:30-7:30 @ Pyramid Alehouse   Link:
Workshop: $20 for students 11/14 8-12pm @ Sila Solutions Group   Link:

A brief explanation of the topic:

Fact based modeling (FBM) is a methodology (both notation(=structure) and protocol (=structuring)) for modeling the semantics of a subject area. The main purpose of fact based modeling is to capture as much of the semantics as possible, to validate intermediate and final results with the subject matter expert in his preferred language, preferably using concrete illustrations and to remain independent of the representation for a specific implementation.

Unlike Entity-Relationship (ER) modeling or object-oriented modeling, fact based modeling treats all facts as relationships (unary, binary, ternary etc.). How facts are grouped into structures (e.g. attribute-based entity types, classes, relation schemes, XML schemas) is considered a software design level, implementation issue that is irrelevant to the capturing of business semantics. Avoiding attributes in the base model enhances semantic stability and understandability. Fact based modeling facilitates natural verbalization and thus enables productive communication with all stakeholders. Reference

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