StudentOrgs: iEracism is now iEquality!


After nearly a year of brainstorming, we’ve decided to change our name from iEracism to a more inclusive one: iEquality

This decision has come about for many reasons, but most importantly, we wanted to express the idea that under representation does not exist in a vacuum, while conveying the complex intersections that come with each of our identities. iEquality embraces nationality, ethnicity, race, gender preference, ableism and disability, sexual orientation, class, and other facets of identity as part of our overall mission, which is to break down unbalanced structures of power.

We hope that you can find a space within our group as a result of this name change and we encourage you to ask us any question you may have in addition to learning more about us. You can read our mission statement here on the iSchool’s Diversity webpage.

You can also follow us on Facebook to find out about our events and keep in touch!

P.S. We’re recruiting new leadership for winter quarter! The official iSchool student org elections don’t happen until the end of winter quarter, but we want to give those who are interested a chance to talk with us about how the org works, upcoming events, and potentially get you started sooner, rather than later! If you’re interested, send us an email and let us know!

P.P.S. Our new identity needs a logo. If you’re interested in helping us, let us know!

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