iSchool Career Newsletter 11/17/2014

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CAREER TIPS: Need a Portfolio?

If you’re interested in creative work, such as web or application design and development, or user interface, you absolutely need a portfolio. If you’re in library science, a portfolio can be a great way to demonstrate your skills in ways that a resume can’t. And for anyone else, having an online collection of work samples is just a great idea. So how do you put together a great portfolio?

  1. Show a breadth of work. If you have several projects to choose from, select those that show a variety of skills or areas of expertise. If you only have a couple of projects to include, then make sure you address various aspects of the project that you were involved in and provide samples that show a variety of steps within each project (and then do some extra work to get more work products under your belt!).
  2. Provide context. Briefly describe the project, including the problem that needed to be addressed, in your description of the sample. Focus on HOW you did something, not just on what the outcome was.
  3. Describe the skills. Include technologies, processes, or steps that you took to complete the item or product you are describing.
  4. Include testimonials. Provide quotes or samples of feedback from the company, client, or professor on the project that demonstrate a positive regard for your work and the item you are showcasing.
  5. Demonstrate complexity. Show someone how far you can go, include interactive sites or samples of products that demonstrate multiple steps and complex thought processes. Show diagrams of how you organized your thoughts or a complex process to demonstrate that you can take on difficult work.
  6. Keep it simple. If you want to build your own site and have the skill and time, go for it! But keep it easy to navigate and clear to follow and minimize distraction on pages. Remember that how you put it together is a demonstration of your organizational and design sense as well! There are many pre-existing portfolio platforms you can use as well that will help you get started, including Squarespace, Behance, Carbonmade, and Portfoliobox are just some. And don’t forget about WordPress!
  7. Update regularly. As your skills improve, take out some work and add in other pieces. Curate your portfolio collection based on feedback from informational interviews, or from the content of job descriptions that look appealing to you.

Don’t forget to make your contact details stand out clearly so people can contact you easily, and good luck!


  • 11/17: Job Search for International Students, 3:30-4:30 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • 11/18: Networking Lab for International Students, 2:30-4:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • 11/19: North Carolina State University Libraries Fellows Recruiting Session, 12:30-1:30 p.m., Bloedel 070. Bring your resume! More info HERE
  • 11/19: Employer-led Workshop: Internships—What are they and how to find one (presented by Liberty Mutual), 12:30-1:20 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • 11/20: Networking for Shy People (and everyone), 3:30-4:00 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE
  • 11/20: Employer Information Session: BlackRock, 5:30-7:30 p.m., MGH 134: more info HERE


  • 11/17: Fireside Chat with Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz: more info HERE
  • 11/19: Converge at Seattle, 2014: more info HERE
  • 11/19: The Dos and Don’ts of Pitching: more info HERE
  • 11/21: Startup Challenge: more info HERE


  • Intern, Index Reconstitution, Russell Investments: apply via iCareers, ID 1990
  • Reference and Instruction Specialist, Odegaard, UW: apply via iCareers, ID 2002
  • Reference DFW, Cornish College of the Arts Library: apply via iCareers, ID 1984
  • Capstone: Data Science, Education Tech, Test Innovators: apply via iCareers, ID 2028
  • Say This, Not That, Western States Center: apply via iCareers, ID 2023
  • Capstone: Consumer Electronic Show Sentiment Analysis: apply via iCareers, ID 2026
  • Capstone: Internet of Everything, Connect the Unconnected, Cisco Systems: apply via iCareers, ID 2012
  • Capstone: Social Venture Partners: apply via iCareers, ID 2019
  • Capstone: Zillow: apply via iCareers, ID 1985
  • Desktop Support Intern, All Star Directories: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84822
  • Front or Back End Developer, Pretty Books: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84791
  • Social Media, Creative Writing, Brand Dev Internship, Pretty Books: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84792
  • Startup Interns, Neighborly: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84774
  • Software Engineer—Internship, Two Sigma: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84709
  • 2015 Information Technology Internship, Liberty Mutual: apply via HuskyJobs, ID 84687
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Ethnic Minority Youth as Info Mediaries, UW iSchool: apply via iCareers, ID 2012


  • UX Designer, Amazon: apply HERE
  • UX Designer, Goodreads: apply HERE
  • Public Services Assistant I, Sno-Isles: apply HERE
  • UX Designer, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Software Test Engineer, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Software Development Engineer, Full Stack, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Senior Software Development, Mobile, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Program Manager, Growth, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Senior Software Engineer, Mediamorph: apply HERE
  • Visual Designer, Zillow: apply HERE
  • Front End Developer, apply HERE
  • MS SQL Server Developer, IT Hoppers: apply via iCareers, ID 2029
  • Product Consultant, Tableau Software: apply via iCareers, ID 2030
  • System Administrator, Explore Consulting: apply via iCareers, ID 2031
  • Mac Systems Lead, UW-IT Learning Technologies: apply via iCareers, 2027
  • IT Technologies, Anblicks, LLC: apply via iCareers, ID 999
  • Public Health Literature Research Assistant, Oregon State University: apply via iCareers, ID 2020
  • Systematic Review/Clinical Librarian, Oregon Health & Science University: apply via iCareers, ID 2024
  • Circulation Student Assistant, Oregon Health & Science University: apply via iCareers, 2016
  • Emerging Leaders Program Information Technology, Geico: apply via iCareers, ID 900
  • Head, Beinecke Library Digital Services Unit, Yale University: apply via iCareers, ID 2017
  • Technology Development Program, Geico: apply via iCareers, ID 901
  • Humanities Research Services Librarian, Columbia University: apply via iCareers, ID 2015
  • Research Support and Electronic Resources Librarian, Columbia University: apply via iCareers, ID 2014

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