iSchool Career Newsletter, 1/5/2015

Career Newsletter


Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a restful and rejuvenating winter break. There are many internship and career-related events happening in January, so please take advantage! The Employer Connections Fair is happening on February 4, so be sure to get your cover letters and resumes in tip-top shape before then. Also be sure to mark your calendars for the ECF Resume Workshops (below) and ECF Career Fair Prep Session (below); these resources will help you on your way to a successful and impactful experience at ECF this year. Until then, check out the events, internships, and jobs that are currently being offered!





  • Data Management Product Manager, California Digital Library, iCareers: ID 2224
  • Librarian, US Department of the Treasury, iCareers: ID 2218
  • National Digital Stewardship Residency, Library of Congress, iCareers: ID 2223
  • DMP Technical Digital Marketing Consultant, BlueKai, iCareers: ID 1959
  • Publications Librarian, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, iCareers: ID 2216
  • Temporary Reference Librarian, Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library, iCareers: ID 2215
  • Junior Level DevOps Engineer, CampusPoint, iCareers: ID 2210
  • Youth Services Coordinator, City of the Dalles, iCareers: ID 2209
  • Software Developer, Gallup, iCareers: ID 2205
  • Research Analyst, Sutter Hill Ventures, iCareers: ID 2207
  • Web Design Intern, Explore Consulting, iCareers: ID 1937
  • Librarian Services Supervisor, King County Library System, iCareers: ID 2204
  • Post-Doctoral Associate, University of Massachusetts Medical School, iCareers, ID 2203
  • Library Director, Tacoma Community College, apply HERE
  • Youth Services Librarian, Kitsap Regional Library, apply HERE
  • Library & Archives Paraprofessional 3, Highline College, apply HERE
  • Content Manager II, Amazon, apply HERE
  • Software Engineer, Shippable, apply HERE
  • Software Engineer, Platform, PayScale, apply HERE
  • Software Engineer, B2B, PayScale, apply HERE
  • UX Developer, Zillow, apply HERE
  • Product Manager, Digital Media, The Seattle Times, apply HERE
  • Visual Designer, Zillow, apply HERE
  • User Experience Researcher, Vulcan, apply HERE

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