iSchool Career Newsletter, 2/9/2015

Career Newsletter

How to Write a CV

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about how to write a Curriculum Vitae, or CV. You might need a CV if you’re applying to an academic position, in an academic library or for teaching jobs, for international work, and some scholarship applications request CVs as well. Here are some important ways that a CV is different from a resume, and if you want more information on writing your CV, including some samples, I like this site

  1. Length. CVs are generally longer than resumes (which top out at 2 pages). A CV can be as long as needed to comprehensively describe all of your educational, professional, and other relevant experience. 3-6 pages is not uncommon, you’re aiming for completeness over conciseness.
  2. Sections. CVs typically include additional sections that might not appear on a resume. Important sections to include if you have these experiences might be: Publications, Awards, Teaching/Presentations, Training, Professional Development, Research, Service, Volunteerism, or Skills. Choose headings based on the experiences you have that add to your candidacy for the position you are applying to. You may divide up your experience into sections based on the type of experience it is, such as Teaching Experience or Library Experience versus Other Experience, for example.
  3. Detail. CVs typically contain fewer bullet points and more detail than a resume might. CVs often go into more depth when describing educational experience, including the title/topic of your thesis or Capstone in your education section, and more information on the accomplishments and responsibilities in your experience sections.
  4. Formatting. CVs usually have a simpler format to them than a resume might, but feel free to use similar styles of headings and margins or fonts as you might in your resume. The primary difference will be in the content.
  5. References. These days, resumes don’t include references, but in a CV you might add them in a references section.

Need someone to help you? The UW Career Center is an excellent campus resource for CV writing, as well as Laura Schildkraut.




  • Student/Technology Support Assistant, UW Accounting Office, submit resumes to
  • Costco IT Summer Internship: apply via iCareers: ID 2374
  • Facilities Student Assistant, iSchool, UW: apply via iCareers: ID 2370
  • Pre-Doctoral Lecturer, INFO 200, SU 2015: apply via iCareers: ID 2365
  • Pre-Doctoral Lecturer, INFO 343, SU 2015: apply via iCareers: ID 2366
  • Pre-Doctoral Lecturer, INFO 344, SU 2015: apply via iCareers: ID 2367
  • Teaching Assistant, INFO 200, SU 2015: apply via iCareers: ID 2368
  • Teaching Assistant, INFO 344 & 343, SU 2015: apply via iCareers: ID 2369
  • User Experience Design Internship, Amazon, apply via iCareers: ID 2201
  • UX Research Intern, Amazon, apply via iCareers: ID 2200
  • Visual Design Internship, apply via iCareers: ID 2202
  • Reference DFW, Cornish College of the Arts Library, apply via iCareers: ID 1984
  • Bill Pay UX Design, mohCare, apply via iCareers: ID 2101
  • Taxonomy for Performance Measure on Child Welfare Outcomes, Partners for Our Children, apply via iCareers: ID 2344
  • Machine Learning Internship, mohCare, apply via iCareers: ID 2107
  • Main Website Content Classification, Partners for Our Children, apply via iCareers: ID 2345
  • Prescription Refills Prototype, mohCare, apply via iCareers: ID 2102
  • UI Redesign on Public Data Reporting Tool about Child Welfare, Partners for Our Children, apply via iCareers: ID 2346
  • INFO 102 Teaching Assistant Pool, SP 2015, iSchool, UW, apply via iCareers: ID 2320
  • Electronic Resources Library Intern, Highline Community College Library, apply via iCareers: ID 2310
  • 2015 Information Technology Internship/Co-op Program, Liberty Mutual Insurance, apply via HuskyJobs: ID 87143
  • Android Software Developer Intern (SU 2015), TigerText, apply via HuskyJobs: ID 87075


  • Systems & Information Technology Librarian, New York City College of Technology (CUNY), apply via iCareers: ID 2398
  • IT Specialist – Database Administrator/Developer, Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, apply via iCareers: ID 2396
  • Libraries Web Developer, University of St. Thomas, apply via iCareers: ID 2397
  • Reference Librarian, Butte College, apply via iCareers: ID 2397
  • Information Systems Office, Global Partnerships, apply via iCareers: ID 2384
  • Signatures Science & Technology, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, apply via iCareers: ID 2391
  • Software Developer, Gallup, apply via iCareers: ID 2392
  • Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Science & Engineering Division, apply via iCareers: ID 2383
  • Next Generation Safeguards Initiative, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, apply via iCareers: ID 2381
  • Advanced Analytics Consultant, West Monroe Partners, apply via iCareers: ID 2375
  • Infrastructure Consultant, West Monroe Partners, apply via iCareers: ID 2378
  • Management Analyst II, City of Tacoma, apply via iCareers: ID 2379
  • First Year Student Success Librarian, California State University – Fresno, apply via iCareers: ID 2373
  • Hardware/Datacenter Technician, Zillow, apply HERE
  • Business Systems Analyst (payroll), Amazon, apply HERE
  • Tech Support Engineer I, Zulily, apply HERE
  • Library Manager, Timberland Regional Library, apply HERE
  • Library Assistant, Timberland Regional Library, apply HERE
  • Children’s Librarian, King County Library System, apply HERE
  • Children’s Librarian, Sno-Isle Libraries, apply HERE
  • Communications Specialist, Spokane County Library District, apply HERE

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