Event: Digital Privacy Event at Central Library, 2/26


Watch Me Now: Notes on a Surveillance Society” is the latest event from PechaKucha Seattle and is co-sponsored by The Seattle Public Library. The event brings together speakers (including yours truly) from across the information ecosystem – including policy makers, technologists, advocates and others to discuss the complex issues surrounding privacy and surveillance in the digital world. The event is this Thursday, February 26, starting at 5:30 in the Microsoft Auditorium at Central Library (1000 4th Ave) in downtown Seattle. Like all Library events, it is FREE!

The PechaKucha format permits presenters to use 20 PowerPoint slides that advance every 20 seconds. The ruthless progress through the deck forces speakers to be succinct, focused, and on point. There will be 11 speakers representing a wide array of backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives. It promises to be fun, insightful, interactive, and exciting event!

I hope you can make it. No RSVP is necessary, but if you can attend please let us know via the event’s Facebook page (or not, if you prefer to remain private in the digital age!)

Note: This event is a direct result of the work of our Technology and Access Service Priority Advisory Committee, which recommended (among other things) that the Library use our platform, our network, and our expertise to inform and engage the public on matters of social and cultural importance brought about by technology. We are excited that PechaKucha Seattle presented this opportunity to us, and we hope for this event to serve as a model for the ways in which the public library and our partners can help expand digital literacy and awareness of technology issues in the community.

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