Notice: Changes to iLounge and Student Services Spaces

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Those of you who are on campus and frequent the fourth floor of Mary Gates may have noticed the red construction notifications on various doors.  This construction got into full swing this past week.  Most of it is occurring at night, so you should not be impacted by the noise, however there are some changes coming that will impact students.

Change #1        Moving the iLounge

The iLounge will move from its current space to a new space in MGH 416.  The new space is roughly the same size as the current lounge.  It will still feature a kitchen and new(!) microwaves. Unfortunately the toaster, toaster oven and coffee pots will no longer be in the space due to fire concerns.  In addition to the kitchen space, there will be collaborative work space for students including a small office that can be used for group meetings. Oh, and the soda machine will make the trek across the hall.

The current time of the new lounge opening would be during spring break.  This will give us a week to test it out and get things fixed before you return to initiate the space.

In the next week or so, we will be cleaning out the cupboards and bookshelves and moving some of the furniture in preparation for the move. The microwaves and refrigerator will remain in place so that you can still heat meals in the current lounge. Below is the current projected timeline for the ilounge move.  (As with any construction project, these dates could change.)

The estimated construction schedule & relocation for the iLounge is as follows:

  • March 13 – iLounge (416) construction completed.
  • March 13 – 424 old lounge closed & prepped for move
  • Mar 16-18 – relocate iLounge into 416
  • Mar  19 – Grand Opening New iLounge

Change #2        Moving of Student Services Office

Once the iLounge is complete, construction will move to MGH 424 and 420 spaces to create a new office for Student Services.  Currently the Student Services staff is located in four different spaces on three different floors in MGH.  This will bring all the academic advising, career and admissions services into one office space.  In addition to Student Services, Offices for the Associate Dean Matt Saxton and Diversity Programs Advisor, Cynthia Del Rosario will be in this space as well.

I don’t have details on timeline for the completion of the new Student Services Office, but it will most likely be in late April or early May.  We’ll provide you more details about the Student Services Office move when we get closer to the actual date.

If you have any questions about the changes to these spaces, please contact me or Carmen Cook ( the iSchool facilities manager.

Thanks in advance for your patience with all the transitions!

Wendie Phillips
Director of Student Services
Information School
University of Washington

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