Events: UW Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity Opening


The Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity is committed to research and innovation, dedicated to leadership development, and foundationally community-centered in our desired impact of building a more equitable world, in which our words and imagery and attention are infused with understanding, respect, fairness, and justice. It is essential for us as humans to negotiate difference by communicating through, within, among, and between races, genders, sexualities, classes, abilities, and more. We have a responsibility as a premier public research university to deploy our skills of scholarship, communication, and critique to fight against the inequalities that persist in the face of our changing world. Whether we move and breathe in the margins or at the center of cultures, we live difference in a variety of overlapping, multifaceted, and distinctly experiential ways. Questions of difference are central to the faculty, staff, and students at the University of Washington, particularly in the Department of Communication.

Our opening will be from May 27-29. On Friday, May 29th the CCDE will host its inaugural conference, “Why Communication?  Why Difference?  Why Equity?: A Diversity Intervention for the 21st Century.” Dr. Herman Gray (Professor and Chair of Sociology, UCSC) will give the Earl and Edna Stice keynote lecture entitled, “Precarious Diversity: Media, Representation, and Inequality,” UW faculty and Ph.D. alums will speak on panels such as “Is Equity a Scholarly Responsibility?” and “Thinking With and Through Difference: Popular Representations, Race and Political Economy.” Other opening events include an Equity and Inclusion workshop titled “What I Said and What I Meant: Cross Cultural Communication” on Wednesday, May 27th, and a screening and discussion of Bound: Africans vs. African Americans on Thursday, May 28th.

The entire schedule can be found at:

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