Events: Conversations on Defining Diversity: Student Parents


Conversations on Defining Diversity: Student Parents

A Public Forum in the College of the Environment

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
3:00-4:00 p.m.
Program on the Environment Commons, Wallace Hall
Register Now! 

Please RSVP by Friday, May 15. Coffee and snacks will be served.
The pressures on students are great.  To learn, to know, to get the grade, to succeed. The pursuit of knowledge as a means to a career and a future is a right, and a huge responsibility.

But what happens when that student is also a parent, faced with the daily struggle of choosing between time allotted to self and to the family?  And what is the responsibility – if any – of the teacher, advisor, or mentor to make room for students with children?

Join us for a conversation with three parents, both students and faculty.


Daniel Schindler, Professor, Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Biology
Melissa St. Jean, Senior, Earth and Space Sciences
Hansi Singh, Graduate Student, Atmospheric Sciences

Breaking News!  On April 23, the Faculty Senate passed a resolution endorsing the University’s appointment of a director and a permanent advisory committee on Childcare Development and Access.  Read the full resolution here.

About CoDD: Diversity, equality, engagement, opportunity – these are words laden with value and individual meaning.  The College of the Environment is committed to creating and supporting a diverse academic community representing a full range of cultural, ethnic and disciplinary sectors. 

One way to achieve that goal is by talking.

Conversations on Defining Diversity is a public forum within the College where we – all of us – can explore the issues, roadblocks, challenges, and opportunities our College faces, as the first step towards brainstorming solutions.

Each conversation will focus on a particular aspect of diversity, and will feature our own faculty, staff, and students speaking about their experiences, often from very different points of view.  Come listen, share, and learn.

Sponsored by the College of the Environment

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