iSchool Career Newsletter, 6/3/2015

Career Newsletter

Greetings iSchool Students,

Summer is (almost) upon us and for many that means starting a new job, internship, or other type of experiential learning. How do you go above being just average with your new role?

Preliminary research. Learn as much as you can about your new company before your first day. Research their mission, vision, “about us” section, and any recent articles they may be included in the news. Follow their Twitter feed or blog (if they have one). This will help you acclimate to your new role quicker than other new hires and interns.

Do your job well. Okay this one may seem obvious but it is extremely important. Take pride and ownership in whatever you are working on. If this is your first job or first internship, it is absolutely essential to perform well. Even if you don’t enjoy this position, you will want to make sure you have established good rapport and references as these will be asked for in your next job search.

Take initiative. Volunteering to take on additional tasks or projects is a great way to stand out. This could be anything from a small administrative task that needs to get taken care of, to a large project that is outside of your normal job duties. Not only will this help you get recognized, it may help you connect and demonstrate your ability to other employees you wouldn’t normally interact with.

For those of you starting your first job or looking for a new one, you will likely be offered a compensation package that includes benefits. Check out this article for some tips on what to look for and how to understand the benefits your employer may offer.

Best of luck, and have a great summer!

-Dean Kirkpatrick





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