iSchool Career Newsletter, 6/10/2015

Career Newsletter

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Last week in our newsletter, Dean talked about a few ways to stand out at a new internship/DFW/job. I can talk endlessly about how to make a good impression on the job. This week I want to share some of my thoughts and tips for how to start a new professional job, while also thinking about the future. It can be an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. Just like the first day of school, you want to start off on the right foot, meet the right people, and make sure you are absorbing all the information that you will need for the future. I recently listened to a podcast about what to do on your first day (and month) on the job. Three tips that I think are the top tips for new employees are:

  1. Meet People – you don’t have to invite everyone for coffee, that can get old (and expensive), but it is important to make an effort to meet people that will become your teammates, mentors and supervisors. Start slowly and make time for a couple meetings a week to learn more about your colleagues.
  2. Ask Questions – now is the time to ask questions about everything that you are learning. It is also the time when people will not expect you to know the in’s and out’s of your job, so take advantage of their willingness to answer all the questions that you can come up with (within reason). Also, once you hit a few months in, asking certain questions can come across negatively and seem like you were not thoughtful about what you need to know. So be sure to ask up early on how to use that complicated phone or copy machine.
  3. Take Breaks – Your first days, weeks, and months on the job can be an overload of information and meetings with people. New employees can often think that taking a break shows less commitment or that you aren’t working hard enough. It is important for you to take the time to rejuvenate, reflect, meditate or digest what you are learning on the job every day. Taking a little “me” time will help you be refreshed, more creative and ultimately can help you avoid burn out. So don’t forget to take a walk around the block, get some coffee, or sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes each day.

I highly suggest taking the time to listen to the full podcast for more advice on how to start your new job with your best foot forward.






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