Funding: Lawntrepreneur Scholarship


The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is LawnStarter’s way of helping to fund future entrepreneurs as pursue their dream. Whether you had your own lawn mowing business in high school or you plan on making the next great app, we want to hear from you. We are looking to find someone that has the passion and drive to change the world through entrepreneurship. If you’re chosen, you’ll receive $1,000 to help fund your entrepreneurial dream and also receive instant access to our lawn care software <>.

Who are we looking for? (You only need one)

  1. You currently own a lawn care business, ran a lawn care business in the past, or plan on starting a business upon graduating college.
  2. You’re passionate and ambitious.
  3. You have the willpower, work ethic, and desire to build the next great business.
  4. You are a full-time student enrolled in a two year, four year, or graduate program. This scholarship is open to all majors.

If that sounds like you, you should apply.

What we need from you:

To sift through applicants and choose the winner, we’ll need you to send in a few items. Please send the following to

  1. A copy of your transcript
  2. A copy of your updated resume
  3. A 500-700 word essay that you wrote on the following topic: *”What makes you passionate about building a business?”*

For more information, please visit

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