iSchool Career Newsletter, 8/5/2015

Career Newsletter


The blogosphere is full of articles talking about the dying art of writing thank you notes. As a teenager, I participated in an honors group that stressed the importance of a handwritten thank you note and required me to send thank you notes to every presenter and host of an event. Little did I know that this experience as a teenager would translate into a skill that I would call upon in my professional life.

Taking the time to write a simple thank you email or card not only sets you apart as professional and polished, but it also provides you with an opportunity to reiterate the value that you can bring to an organization.

Beyond the job search, interns and new professionals can use thank you notes to set themselves apart within their workplaces. When you finish an internship, a note thanking your supervisor and teammates for their teaching, support, and knowledge will leave them with a lasting positive impression of you. As a new professional, sending a short thank you note to supervisors, clients, or colleagues for their help with one of your job tasks will set you apart as a conscientious and appreciative team member. It will also help you increase your karma bank so that these people will be more likely to help you in the future when you need a favor or help solving a problem.

Here are a few ideas for how to start your next thank you note:

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me about…
  • I appreciate you speaking with me about…
  • I am so grateful for your expertise and insight that you shared with me today…
  • It might have been a small piece of your day, but the time you took to help me with_____ was very appreciated…

It doesn’t matter if it’s done by email or by hand, just be sure to send off your note within a couple days.

The Muse and Forbes have great articles on writing thank you notes. Be sure to check them out!


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