iSchool Career Newsletter, 10/7/2015

Career Newsletter


The start of the year is a great time to be exploring ideas of where a degree from the iSchool can take you. Do you know what you want to do after you graduate? Your academic and professional endeavors at the iSchool can help prepare you for a career in many different fields. Here are some tips to help get you going on your exploration:

Go to iSchool Events: Check out our news and events page to see upcoming activities that can help you explore professional endeavors. Don’t be shy – these events are put on to help students like you learn about new industries, technologies, job search techniques, and much more. Most student clubs also host their own events and want you to get involved!

Find out what alumni are doing: Curious where our alumni end up? Create a LinkedIn and check out the Alumni tool. This can help you understand the types of positions and companies that hire iSchool talent. It’s also a great resource to use to reach out and network.

Self-Reflection: Understanding yourself and your passions can help guide your professional development and the type of career you will thrive in.  Take some time to think about what you do well, what you enjoy, and what you are proud of. Can you think of some examples that hit on all three of these criteria? There are some great exercises for this here.

Traditional Career Paths: Some of the traditional positions that are obtained after graduation include the following:

Archivists and Special Collections, Consultant (Tech, Advisory, Management), Database Administrator & Developers, Information Architect and Taxonomist, Information Assurance and Risk, Librarian (Academic, Digital, Law, Public, Research, Special, Youth), Project Program and Product Managers, Systems and Business Analysts, UX Designer and UX Researcher, Web Developer

Additional information on most of these positions can be found here and here.

Nontraditional Career Paths: iSchool students do more than what’s listed above. We have had students and alumni start their own companies, work in non-profits and healthcare, conduct research, wok in public education and public policy, and many other fields. Check out resources like HuskyJobs to get a larger variety of job and internship opportunities.

-Dean Kirkpatrick


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