iSchool Career Newsletter, 12/2/2015

Career Newsletter

So You Didn’t get a Job or Internship Fall Quarter?

For some people, it only takes a few tries and a couple weeks to find an opportunity. For most others, finding a job, internship, or DFW can take multiple interviews and months of applying. If you didn’t get something this fall quarter, try not to stress out about it. Here are some tips and information for consideration:

There is a lot of time left: Survey results from the past two years show that only about 1 in 4 iSchool students noted accepting a job offer in the fall.  Although you may hear the victories of those that snagged opportunities early, there are many people around that are still looking or have yet to start their search. Winter quarter is a great time to be looking and is jam packed with career focused events. A list of some upcoming career fairs includes: Society of Women in Engineering Evening with the Industry (1/20); Diversity Career Fair (1/26); iSchool Employer Connections Fair (2/3), 2016 Internship Fair (2/18), and the HCDE Fair (TBD).

Make time for fun: While it sounds counter-intuitive, making time to de-stress and have a little fun can help turn that frown upside down. Take time to have coffee and chat with a friend, or attend yoga (there’s a class at Yoga to the People that takes donations instead of a fee), or spend some time coloring or creating art. It doesn’t have to be a long amount of time, even a half hour of fun a day can help you cultivate a more positive outlook.

Exercise: Physical activity has a large number of benefits with stress-relief being one of the most well-known. Searching for opportunities can be a process that beats you down. Exercising not only makes you feel better due to the chemical changes in your body, but it can help you develop more confidence. Taking regular walks, running, lifting weights, taking the stairs, and playing sports are all options that can help boost your mood.

Automate your search: Want to take a break from actively looking through pages and pages of job postings? Considering using some of these options to supplement your search:

  • Set up job alerts in both iCareers and Husky jobs by using specific keywords. This way, when an employer uploads their new opening you will get an email notification automatically.
  • Upload your resume into job sites. If you have a more generalized resume that could work for a couple positions, create an account and upload your resume to places like Monster, Indeed, or Recruiters use job boards like these to actively search for candidates that have resumes posted even if you haven’t applied to a job.
  • Make your LinkedIn SEO friendly. Similar to the option listed above, recruiters use LinkedIn as a resource to find candidates for their jobs, internships and DFW’s. Consider updating your LinkedIn with keywords, phrases, and projects that can help you get found.
  • Connect with a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies often work with a variety of companies in the area and can help you get placed into temporary assignments, contract-to-hire, or full-time positions. For internships, CampusPoint is one of the few companies that provides this service. Recruiting agencies have varying reputations, so make sure to do your research and ask them clarifying questions.

-Dean Kirkpatrick



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