Research: IA Summit 2016 Call for Posters


It’s Poster Time! Submit Your Idea Today

Poster submissions are now open! Submit your idea anytime between right this minute and February 1, 2016.

Poster Night is always one of the most popular events at the IA Summit,  and it’s a great way to get immediate, one-on-one feedback from fellow professionals on your ideas and insights.

A poster is a visual representation of your thoughts, presented in just about any format you can think of, from a big piece of paper on the wall to a group activity. Your imagination is (almost) the only limit! Just make sure to submit your proposal by February 1, 2016.

Submit Your Poster Idea

More IAS15 Podcasts

The last batch of podcasts from the 2015 IA Summit will be available this week. This batch includes popular talks from Karl Fast and Kristina Halvorson, Christina Wodtke and Jesse James Garrett, and more. We’ll be announcing them on Twitter as they’re posted, or you can just keep an eye on the full library for the latest.

If you’ve enjoyed the podcasts–and we hope you have–please say an extra thank you to oiur sponsor UIE for helping to make the podcasts possible.

Happy listening!

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