Staying Sharp over Winter Break

Career Newsletter

With finals coming to a close next week, winter vacation is right around the corner! While you should first and foremost rest and renew yourself for the coming quarter, there are a few things you can do over break to prepare for your job or internship search. Below is a brief checklist of tasks you can do to set yourself up for a smooth and (hopefully) easy job search. 

  1. Edit your resume – add projects and winter quarter classes. Proof-read your resume so it is ready to go for those job applications.
  2. Write a cover letter – if you haven’t done one already, winter break is a great time to practice your writing skills. Be sure to have someone take a look and provide you with feedback.
  3. Talk to people – winter break is a great time to connect and network with professionals to learn more about what they do. Take advantage of the time you have to speak with family friends, neighbors, or acquaintances about what they do and how they started their career.
  4. Research – now that you’re not working on projects, you can utilize your research skills to 1) learn about companies in which you are interested, and/or 2) identify jobs for which you may want to apply. In addition to iCareers and HuskyJobs, is a great website to use to find job descriptions. is another great resource for crowd-sourced company reviews.

Take advantage of the free time that you now have to get ahead and prepare for your job search. You will thank yourself later when you have a job application due at the same time as a project. As a reminder, you are more than welcome to send an email to, or directly contact Alycia at Dean is out of the office until after winter break so the best person to contact with your career inquiries is Alycia.

The Career services team wishes you all a relaxing holiday break!



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