Notice: iPhoto Contest 2016

16-002 Photo Contest Poster - P160114v1-page-001

Submit your fun, cool, iSchool-ish photos for the MGH 4th floor hallway displays and win a $50 Amazon gift card!

How to participate:
• iSchool students are eligible to win
• Good photo subjects include individuals or groups of students, faculty, staff, or combination, plus activities involving same
• Submit the photo as a high resolution file suitable for printing (jpg or raw preferred)
• You can submit up to 10 photos
• We may crop your photo for display

Selection criteria:
Photos will be selected by the communication and student services teams to include representative images of students from each program. Prize winners will be selected at random by assigning each image a number.

How to submit your winning photo:
Send your image file, image description (names of people in the photo if applicable), your name and program via email to: Lori Dugdale

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