iSchool Career Newsletter, 2/10/16

Career Newsletter
Career Search Beyond the Employer Connections Fair

We hope you enjoyed the 2016 iSchool Employer Connections Fair last week! Please considering taking a minute to respond to our very brief survey which can be found here:

Now that the Employer Connections Fair has passed, what can you do to continue job searching?

Follow Up. Did you have a meaningful conversation with someone at the fair but forget to follow up? Are there connections you made earlier in the fall but you haven’t chatted with in a while? Send them a note checking in. You can share information on projects you are working on, how you have applied advice they had given you, an article you thought they might find interesting, etc. This is a good way for them to keep you in their recent memory and develop a relationship over time.

Continue going to Events. There are still career-related events occurring throughout winter and some in spring quarter. The UW Internship Fair is just around the corner (Feb 18th) and employers will be coming with both internships and full-time opportunities. Places to monitor:

Increase Your Network. 80% of jobs are found through networking. Start with what is easiest- the people closest to you. Have any family friends or know any recent alumni that are working at companies you are interested in? Ask if you can meet with them or their manager to learn about their company. Suggest somewhere that is mutually convenient to meet but ask the other person what they prefer. Some options could be a nearby coffee shop, their place of work, or a local park (if it’s nice out).

Don’t have local connections? Try using some of the following:

  • Husky Career Network is a searchable directory of UW alumni willing to help current UW students. Volunteers in the network can help you explore a career, industry, company or geographic area. This is a free underutilized resource for UW students!
  • The LinkedIn alumni search tool shows you what companies alumni are working for and gives you the ability to connect.
  • Attend a Seattle Meetup Group to learn more about the industry or profession you are interested in

-Dean Kirkpatrick



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