Events: 2016 UW Business Plan Competition

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I know most of you are still trying to get through finals week (good luck!). When you’re done celebrating the end of winter quarter, below is information to help you get ready to enter the 2016 BPC:

  • Note all the important competition dates.
  • The team registration website is now open! Early registration is from now until March 28. Registration will continue until the submission deadline on April 4.
  • Review the judging criteria for the Screening Round. This is the criteria the judges will use to evaluate your 5–7 page executive summary. This webpage contains the criteria for all of the BPC rounds.
  • Go through the BPC Submission Checklist to ensure your 5–7 page executive summary is ready to be submitted.
  • View executive summaries from previous years.
    • Aurora Plasmonics (2014 Sweet 16, Best Technology prize)
    • FlashVolunteer (2012 Investment Round, AARP Foundation prize)
    • GSD Devices (2013 BPC Investment Round)
    • Insulenz (2013 Sweet 16, Best Innovation prize)
    • Joeybra (2012 Final Round, third place prize)
    • NomON (2013 Sweet 16)
    • Stash (2014 Investment Round, Best Marketplace prize)
    • Urban Harvest (2012 Final Round, Grand Prize & Best Clean-Tech prize)
    • Xylamed (2012 BPC second prize winner)
  • Contact me at to view more 5–7 page executive summaries in the Buerk Center office, or if you have any questions about the process.
  • Check out the Buerk Center’s Preparation webpage and Start-Up Resources webpage.
  • Use the resources in the Foster School library to help you collect and analyze market and customer data.
  • Watch for emails from me via this busplancomp listserv to receive important information about the competition.


March 7–28 | BPC Team Registration
Tell us you’re planning on competing! Optional before March 28, but required before April 4. Registering early helps us better plan for the Screening Round. You’ll be able to make changes and keep your team/company information updated throughout the BPC, so don’t hesitate to register your team sooner rather than later!

April 4 | DEADLINE to Submit Your Executive Summary (5–7 pages) 
This is your official submission (entry) to the Business Plan Competition!

April 11 | Announcement of Advancing Teams
Via email and Facebook

April 14 | Investment Round Resource Night | 6–7:30 pm, Paccar Hall, room 292
Mandatory information session; at least one member from each team must attend.

Good luck, everyone! We hope to see your entries into the 2016 Business Plan Competition!

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