Courses: Application Deadline Extension: iSchool Guam Study Abroad


Due to numerous requests from students for more time, we’ve extended the application closing date on the iSchool Guam Study Abroad program.



Benefits of how credit is applied for Exploration Seminars:

  • This 5-credit course applies to your fall quarter 2016 course load. This means that students can enroll for just 7 credits in fall and will be considered full time. Only part time tuition will apply in this case, and students will get credit for a full time load.
  • Alternatively, students may enroll for a full 18-credit load in the fall, and will receive 23 credits because of this exploration seminar at no extra tuition cost for credits above the full-time load.


Applications are now being accepted for the iSchool Guam: Oral Traditions, Knowledge, & Science Early Exploration Seminar. In this seminar, we will explore the concept of information within oral traditions and the relationship to contemporary notions of knowledge and science. This 5-credit seminar is open to all UW undergraduate and graduate students. The program description is below, and the online application along with more info are on the iSchool Guam Online Application and Program Brochure. Applications are due February 29th. ***DEADLINE EXTENDED to March 31st.***

We are happy to answer any questions in the meantime, so feel free to contact us at: Sheryl A. Day ( and Helen P. Enguerra (



The Indigenous Pacific Islanders of Oceania are characterized by their long histories and developed societies deeply rooted in rich oral traditions. These oral traditions are embedded within education, spiritual practices, and relationships with the environment and people and are expressed through such practices as social customs, song, dance, chant, and storytelling. The knowledge and information associated with oral traditions has historically been viewed as ancient and obsolete. This perception has had significant impact on the knowledge systems of Pacific Islanders. In this program, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of the concept of information, types of information systems, and the flow of information within the context of oral traditions and Indigenous Knowledge Systems. This program focuses on Guam, the Marianas Islands, and the oral traditions of the Chamoru culture and people who are native to this region. Students will critically explore historical and contemporary issues, perceptions, and the value of oral traditions and Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

In partnership with the University of Guam, students will gain contextual understanding of the program learning objectives through readings, site visits, and presentations by scholars, oral historians and “manamko” (elders) who will speak on Chamoru oral traditions and cultural practices such as traditional art, dance, and music, fishing, canoeing, food and medicinal plants, genealogy, agriculture, navigation, religion and spirituality, and history. Students will also participate with University of Guam students in Chamoru language and cultural classes that will be conducted throughout the program. Finally, students will interact with local Chamoru people and participate in cultural events to gain a deeper understanding of Chamoru customs and oral traditions.

COURSE:  INFO 497 or INFX 597: Oral Traditions, Knowledge, and Science: A Chamoru Exploration (5 credits)


Online Application

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