Event: Meet, Greet, Teach: Gaming for Good


Meet, Greet, Teach (MGT): Gaming for Good An Informal Conversation about Interdisciplinary Teaching on Environmental Issues
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016
5:00-6:30 PM
Ocean Sciences Building, Room 425

Free to attend.  Please register by Friday, April 1.


Why are the birds angry?  Could it be because being lobbed at towers in the service of annihilating evil pigs isn’t advancing the cause of science literacy?

If they could, would the plants revolt and threaten to keep their fruit rather than have it used to dissuade legions of zombies?

And what kind of world gets saved when duty calls?

With over 2 billion people using smartphones worldwide, 84% of American households owning at least one computer, and nearly one in 10 young gamers addicted to video games, isn’t it time to go viral with apps that advance environmental science, environmental studies and environmental justice?

Come hear five faculty from across the university discuss how to create games for good, from visualization to coding to how the world can (or might!) change.

Got an app for that?


  •   David Baker, Professor, Biochemistry; Director, Institute for Protein Design
  •   Dargan Frierson, Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
  •   Joshua Lawler, Associate Professor, Environmental and Forest Sciences
  •   Jaime Snyder, Assistant Professor, Information School
  •   Kate Starbird, Assistant Professor, Human Centered Design & Engineering



MGT is an evening series offering graduate students, postdocs, staff and faculty with an interest in engaging in artful, interactive, innovative teaching a chance to interact with colleagues from across campus who are willing to share their enthusiasm and experience.

Each MGT focuses on a single “30,000 foot” issue: What is interdisciplinary? The role of facts versus values. Can personalized teaching be objective teaching? Saving STEM.

Over a glass of wine and light appetizers, attendees have a chance to mix and mingle before settling down to a 30-minute “fast panel” of 3-5 faculty, each delivering thought – and conversation – provoking answers. With time for both structured and social interaction, MGT presents an opportunity for everyone to have a say, make a contact, find a shared direction, and learn something new.

Wanting more follow-up? We’ll wrap up the session with time for more one-on-one interaction, giving everyone time to grab a speaker for a final comment.


Sponsored by the College of the Environment and hosted by the Program on the Environment.

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