iSchool Career Newsletter, 4/21/2016

Career Newsletter

Finding Job Searching Motivation at the End of the Year

Now that we are getting to the close of the school year, I know that there are a few people that are still looking to find a job by graduation. One thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning of the year is that job searching takes work. For some people, it only takes one try and two weeks, but for others, finding a job can take multiple interviews and months of applying and interviewing. One myth that students often think is that there will not be any more openings this year. This is a false assumption. Job and internships might not be posted at the same frequency as in Fall or Winter, but there will continue to be new openings posted into the summer. You just need to stay diligent about checking for openings. This time of year motivating yourself to get started or continue on with your search process can be difficult. Here are few techniques you can use to be positive and ready to find that next position to apply to.

  1. Make time for fun – while it sounds counterintuitive, making time to de-stress and have a little fun can help turn that frown upside down. Take time to have coffee and chat with a friend, or attend a yoga class or other workout class at the IMA or spend some time coloring or creating art. It doesn’t have to be a long amount of time, even a half hour of fun a day can help you cultivate a more positive outlook.
  1. Set small goals – As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your job search. It takes a concerted effort and time in order to prepare for and execute a job search. Doing everything all at once can be quite overwhelming. As with most things, taking baby steps and creating small goals can help you achieve more and keep you on track. Start your search by making it a goal to spend 20 minutes a day researching jobs or companies that you would like to target for your job search. The following week, work on your resume and set aside 20 minutes a day or 1 hour on Wednesday (or any other day) to work on your resume. Once you start achieving your goals, you will feel more accomplished and positive about working toward your next ones.
  1. Automate your search – As an information school student, you know that technology allows people to complete tasks in easier and more efficient ways. For job searching, here are a few ways that you can make your search easier using technology. First, set up job alerts. Both iCareers and Husky jobs allow you to set up email alerts for specific keywords. This way, when an employer uploads their new opening you will be notified immediately. You can also set up job alerts on sites such as LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed and Simply Hired. Another way you can automate your job search is to upload your resume into job sites. If you have a more generalized resume that could work for a couple positions, go ahead and upload it so all you have to do is hit apply when you find a position you want to apply to. Another thing to do is to keep a word document with all of your information that would be asked for in company applications so that you can cut and paste the information. This could include your contact information, school information, past job titles and dates, references information, etc.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your job search a little easier while also keeping up your momentum and positivity. I really enjoyed reading these articles on the subject as well, so feel free to take a look at this one from The Muse and this one from Go Girl Finance.



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