iSchool Career Newsletter, 5/26/2016

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Congratulations Graduates!

For those of you that are completing your final projects, Capstone and papers, hang in there, the end is just around the corner. Dean and I would like to extend our congratulations on your graduation. As you start to develop your career, please feel free to stay in touch. We are always happy to work with Alumni that want to share their job search and career development experience with current students. We are so excited to see what is in store for you.

Career Activities to Do Over the Summer for Graduates and Returning Students

If you are a student wrapping up your first year at the iSchool, you are probably not yet thinking about what you can do during the summer to prepare for next year. While you don’t need to start your career planning the day after your finish your last final, it is helpful if you do start thinking about your next steps before you set foot on campus again in the autumn. Below are a few activities you can do during the summer to help you explore your future career options.

  1. Determine your values – In order to find a company where you will be comfortable growing your career, it is important for you to determine your personal values. If you value social good and work for a company focused on increasing profits, this mismatch could lead to feelings of negativity and angst. Take the time to think about what is important for you and your career. Is it work-life balance, top compensation, solving interesting problems, using cutting-edge technology, working with smart people, family environment, fun culture?
  2. Decide what interests you – it is natural to be exploring career options even if you have a summer internship. Internships are great opportunities to affirm or rule out a specific job. If you are exploring and would like to continue to learn more about specific job types or companies, take a look at the following resources:, The Muse, company websites, company social media pages, and Google news. This article from The Muse provides some other strategies you can employ to research information about companies:
  3. Research salary information – It is never too early to become familiar with salary information for the types of jobs you will apply for next year. You can find salary information at,,, and Career Onestop. Knowing the numbers now will help set you up in a more confident place once you start to negotiate. You can also contact Alycia or Dean as they have access to salary information on iSchool alumni.
  4. Build your skills – If you have plans to learn a new programming language, a design program or other technology skills, the summer is great time to dive into one of these classes. Code Cademy, Coursera, and a number of other website offer free and paid classes to help you become a technical rock star.
  5. Meet with a Career Advisor – Dean and Alycia are available all summer to meet in person, online or via phone. Appointments can be made through iCareers. You can talk about finding the right career path for you, how to prepare for fall recruiting, how to stand out at your internship, and ask any other career-related questions you may have.

This will be our last Career Newsletter for the school year.

Top Jobs/Opportunities

  • Gates Archive DFW/Internship, Gates Archive, apply via iCareers, ID 4607
  • Knowledge Management Librarian, Amazon Web Services, apply via iCareers, ID 4600
  • Knowledge Graph Data Editor, Getty Images, apply via iCareers ID 4594
  • Data Analyst Internship, Ad Colony, apply via iCareers, ID 4621

Top Events

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