Career Newsletter, 12/1/2016

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Still Looking for a Job or Internship?

A lot of iSchool students are still searching for post-grad jobs and summer internships. That’s totally normal, and I’d urge anyone in that situation to not stress. The standard job-search stretches out months, and involves dozens of applications and multiple interviews. Below are some tips and considerations to help you stay focused on landing your desired opportunity.

There is a lot of time left.

Past results from our internal surveys have shown that only about one in four iSchool students had accept a job in the fall. And while we don’t have exact numbers on internships or directed fieldwork, anecdotally I’d say we see most students accept these offers during winter or spring. Winter Quarter in particular is packed with career events, and is a great time to continue searching. Upcoming career fairs include the Society of Women Engineers’ Evening with Industry (1/25), Diversity Career Fair (1/26), and Internship Fair (2/16). And most importantly, our own iSchool Career Fair on Jan. 31. You can find more information about these events and others here.

Automate your search.

Scrolling through a seemingly endless number of job postings can quickly drain your energy. Supplement your search with these strategies:

  • Set up job alerts in iCareers and HuskyJobs. You can do this using specific keywords. Then, whenever an employer uploads an opportunity with those words, you’ll be notified via email.
    • Ex: If you’re looking for a job in metadata/cataloging, search either site’s listings for “metadata,” click the “Saved Searches” drop-down, then select how frequently you’d like to receive emails and whether you’d like to receive new results only.
  • Upload your resume to job sites. First, create a generalized resume applicable to a variety of positions, then upload it to places like Monster, Indeed, and This opens the opportunity for recruiters to contact you without actually submitting an application. (For these resumes, we suggest noting your expected graduation date and removing your full address, but keeping the city, state, and zip code.)
  • Make your LinkedIn SEO-friendly. Recruiters also often consult LinkedIn when trying to fill vacancies. Update your profile with keywords, phrases, and projects that increase your online visibility.
  • Connect with a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies work with numerous companies within a given area and can help place you in temporary assignments, contract-to-hire positions, and full-time jobs. CampusPoint is one of the few agencies that provides these services specifically for internships. Keep in mind that recruiting companies have varying reputations, so do your research and ask them clarifying questions.

Focus on things outside your job search.

This sounds counterintuitive, but taking time away from your computer to de-stress is vital in ensuring you sustain the energy necessary to continue searching. A few of our suggestions:

  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means being singularly present in the in the current moment, something with both mental and physical benefits. It’s proven to reduce anxiety and increase happiness. Check this article on achieving mindfulness in 30 minutes.
  • Physical activity has a bounty of benefits, not least of which is stress-reduction. It’ll also improve your self-confidence. Take regular walks around campus, run on the IMA’s track, lift in the weight room, join an intramural team — anything that gets you moving. The IMA also offers a variety of low-cost classes to students.
  • Explore the city. There are plenty of free things to do around Seattle, like visiting Pike Place, the Ballard Locks, or Seattle Center. If you’re looking for something new, check out Groupon.

Upcoming events:


(Please RSVP via iCareers for any iSchool events you plan to attend, unless otherwise noted.)

12/7: Voyager Capital Hangout; 10:00 – 11:00am, MGH 416 (iLounge)

Startup attorney Joe Wallin (Carney Badley Spellman) and venture investor Randall Lucas (Voyager Capital) have advised and invested in UW startups and spin-outs, and welcome your questions and thoughts during month Voyager Capital Hangouts.

Career & Internship Center

12/1: Graduate Students: Academic Careers – Job Talks; 3:30 – 4:30pm, THO 134

12/2: Resume Lab for International Students; 12:30 – 1:20pm, MGH 134

12/5: Job Search for International Students; 3:30 – 4:20pm, MGH 134

12/6: Resume Lab; 2:30 – 3:20pm, MGH 134

12/7: Getting Started: Internships; 1:30 – 2:00pm, MGH 134


12/1: International Students and Employment Pathways; 6:30 – 8:00pm, PCAR 392

Learn about options for working in the US after graduation from experts in the field. Sponsored by the Certificate of International Studies in Business Program, Foster School of Business.

1/19: 2017 Science and Technology Showcase; 5:00 – 7:00pm, Anthony’s Forum (Dempsey Hall)

Are you working on a technology that has potential for commercialization? Participating in STS allows you to further explore the commercialization potential of your science- and technology-based ideas by presenting them to an audience of fellow scientists and engineers, MBA students, and a panel of judges that includes prominent entrepreneurs and investors form the Seattle business community. Apply by Friday, Dec. 16, using the above link.

For additional events, visit the iSchool and Career Center websites.

Top job/internship opportunities:

  • Software Generalist – New Grad, LiveRamp; iCareers ID 5529
  • Assistant Webmaster, Ohio University; iCareers ID 5514
  • Librarian – Technical Services, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; iCareers ID 5531
  • Associate User Experience Product Manager – Intern, Workday; HuskyJobs ID 109529
  • Technology Consultant Intern 2017, Protiviti; HuskyJobs ID 109495
  • Collections Intern, Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP); iCareers ID 5523

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