ICF Tip #2 – Get Your Resume in Shape


Get Your Resume in Shape

Make sure you’ve updated it with recent internships, class projects, volunteer experiences, and leadership roles.  Need help getting that done? Pop by for iSchool Career Drop-in hours, make an appointment with an iSchool Career Advisor, or come to ICF Resume Review day on January 24th, 12:00-1:30 in OUGL 220. The UW Career Center has a number of resume workshops as well https://careers.uw.edu/events/student/?ctag%5B%5D=workshops. Need a resume template?  There’s a few on the iSchool website at https://ischool.uw.edu/current/career-services/resume.

If you are looking at two different types of jobs, you may need to create a couple versions of your resume for the fair. Consider adding an objective line on your resume that is specifically tailored to the company you plan to hand your resume to. This can help them remember you and stand out when the recruiters review their resumes at the end of the day.

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