Events: GPSS Conference on May 6


As the end of the quarter is coming, you must be busy working on your term papers and projects. Why don’t you share your wonderful work right on our campus? GPSS hosts a conference for UW graduate and professional students on May 6. This conference is to think about what we do and study as graduate and professional students in the changing geopolitical climate. We want this conference to be interdisciplinary by inviting students of all possible fields from humanities to engineering to business. This will be a good chance for you to share your current work and build a conversation with peer graduate and professional students. You don’t need to travel far to have critical and thought-provoking conversations about what our work signifies and how it contributes to today’s society.

An application is truly simple – just submit a proposal in 350 words or less. “Our Work Now: The Critical Role of Graduate and Professional Students in the Post-Election America” is open to any UW graduate and professional students. Our themes are various on purpose so that any student can be part of. They are:

  • Business and Trade
  • Citizenship and Immigration
  • Communication and Information
  • Education
  • Health and Environment
  • Policy, Governance, and Activism
  • Science and Technology

There are poster sessions and panels where you can have a conversational presentation than a formal paper presentation while you can present your paper in a formal academic style as well.

The due date is Mar. 5 (Sunday). Please check more information about the conference at

GPSS sincerely hopes that all of you join this conference to share your work with other UW grad and professional students across disciplines and programs. PLEASE apply IMMEDIATELY!

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