Career Newsletter, 3/9/2017

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Changes to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a topic we cover frequently in the newsletter. We’ve often talked about how students can use the advanced search and alumni tool to make connections with people working in their desired fields. However, the site recently made changes it its user interface that affect its search capabilities. The advanced search feature has been removed, the alumni tool can only be accessed via direct URL (, and you’re no longer prompted to customize the message that’s sent when you invite someone to connect. Below are some tips on navigating these changes.

View a person’s profile before inviting them to connect. As opposed to simply pressing “Connect” from the My Network page, going to their page and then inviting them will allow you to include a personalized message. The 300-character limit is still in place, though, so you’ll need to be brief. For example:

Hi John,

Your profile came up as a suggested connection. After doing a little research, it looks like we both studied Informatics at UW. I’m also interested in being a UX designer and was hoping you could tell me more about working as one at Expedia. Hope to be in touch soon!

Become familiar with Boolean searching. The Boolean search method allows users to combine keywords with operators (AND, NOT, OR) to produce more relevant results. Here is a handy tutorial on using the method.

Link to media on your profile. In the Experience section of your profile, you now have the option to add media to supplement your written description of past jobs and internships, either by uploading or linking to it. Adding, say, a link to your GitHub page is a good way of showing potential employers — and not just telling them about — your past work.

Optimize your profile. While not specifically related to LinkedIn’s recent changes, revisit a past blog post on making your profile stand out.

Upcoming events


There are no more Career Services events scheduled for this quarter. Spring Quarter events will be posted on iCareers and the main iSchool website soon.

Career & Internship Center

3/8: Dependable Strengths for Graduate Students & Postdocs; 9:00am – 4:00pm, MGH 134

For additional events, visit the iSchool and Career Center websites.

Top job/internship opportunities:

  • Data Services Intern, Apple; iCareers ID 5908
  • Content & Data Analytics Intern, Expedia; HuskyJobs ID 112489
  • Cybersecurity Public Policy Internship, Microsoft; HuskyJobs ID 112491
  • Cataloging DFW, Seattle Film Institute; iCareers ID 5912
  • Software Engineer, DocSend; iCareers ID 5901
  • Associate Java Developer, Expeditors International; iCareers ID 5690
  • Library Liaison positions, Carnegie Mellon University; iCareers IDs 5921-4

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