Welcome to the 2017-18 Academic Year!

The staff in Student Services is excited to start another academic year! We have planned a number of events for Autumn Quarter including chats with the Dean, a variety of career workshops and meet-the-firm events, as well as our traditional Spooky Study Break. For our online students: watch for ways to attend these events online or listen to the recordings at a later date.

Here’s a guide to the information you’ll find in this document:

– New iSchool Faculty

– iSchool Welcome and Orientation Evaluations

– iSchool Facilities

  • iSchool Computer Lab and iLounge Etiquette
  • Husky Card Access
  • After-hours Building Permits

– iSchool and UW Student Conduct Policies

 – Communication

  • Student Services Blog and Social Media
  • Advising Emails

– Student Representation on iSchool Committees

  • iSchool Student Leadership Council
  • Student Representation on iSchool Program Committees
  • Graduated and Professional Student Senate Representation

– Funding to Present at Professional Conferences

– iCareers

  • Scheduling Academic and Career Advising Appointments
  • Viewing iSchool Events
  • Accessing Internship, Job, and Capstone Postings
  • iSchool Student Recruitment Standards


New iSchool Faculty

The iSchool hired five new faculty members, two familiar faces were hired as permanent lecturers, AND we hired a new Dean!

Anind Dey will be joining the iSchool in January as our new Dean. During fall quarter, Carole Palmer will serve as Interim iSchool Dean. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/06/anind-dey-named-next-dean-ischool

Alexis Hiniker brings her HCI expertise to the iSchool faculty and is teaching in the PhD program this year. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/08/new-ischool-faculty-member-alexis-hiniker-studies-online-habits-good-and-bad.

Anna Lauren Hoffman researches and teaches in the area of Data Ethics. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/08/data-ethics-expert-anna-hoffmann-joins-ischool-faculty

Miranda Belarde-Lewis is returning to the iSchool as tenure track faculty member and indigenous scholar teaching in the areas of library science and museology. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/07/ischool-faculty-adds-another-ally-indigenous-scholars

Ott Toomet will be teaching courses in data science.

Richard Sturman is a new lecturer who is teaching classes in system analysis and design as well as the INFO Capstone course. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/08/lecturer-richard-sturman-gives-his-classes-real-world-feeling

Greg Hay, a familiar face to INFO students, is now a fulltime iSchool lecturer teaching on the topic of databases. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/07/lecturer-greg-hay-shares-technical-know-how-students

Laura Schildkraut is another familiar face joining the iSchool as a fulltime lecturer in professionalism and gender issues. ischool.uw.edu/news/2017/08/lecturer-laura-schildkraut-teaches-empowerment


iSchool Welcome and Orientation Evaluation

Attention new students:  we want your feedback. Please take a moment to complete our survey about your program orientation and iSchool welcome activities. The survey is available at catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/ioss/340464. Deadline to complete the survey is Sunday, October 8th.


iSchool Facilities

The iSchool offices exist in three different buildings spread across the U-District.

Mary Gates Hall is the home of the Dean’s Offices, Student Services, IT, as well as individual faculty offices.

Bloedel Hall houses a classroom, casual meeting/study spaces for students and the offices, and work spaces for several of our research centers, research faculty and staff.

Roosevelt Commons holds most of the iSchool administrative offices and staff including Finance, Advancement and Communications.

iSchool Shared Space Etiquette

The iSchool has several spaces available for iSchool students’ use.  Numerous computer labs and the iLounge and numerous computer labs are available for iSchool students to use to support your academic activities.  These spaces are accessed with your Husky Card.  The expectations of the iSchool are that these environments be welcoming, comfortable and inclusive for ALL iSchool students. 

MGH Computer Labs

  • 066 – Collaboration Lab (CoLab): meeting area for students working on group projects. The room is equipped with whiteboards, TV/displays, different meeting area set ups, couches, conference tables, and power outlets for laptops. iSchool student access via Husky Card seven days a week, until late each night. NOTE: The Co-Lab is temporarily being used as office space and will be available for student use later in autumn quarter.
  • 076 and 082 – PC Computer Classrooms: Machines running Windows 10 and a large selection of other software. Frequently reserved for classes during the day. iSchool students have swipe card access in the evenings and on weekends.
  • 334 and 342 – Introductory Programming Lab (IPL) shared with CSE: Open spaces for laptops in 342. After-hours access via swipe card access through 342.
  • 430 – iMac Computer Classroom: iMacs running Mac OS X and Windows available under Parallels. Frequently reserved for classes. Check the electronic calendar device on the wall to see if the room is available.
  • 440 TE Lab (Technology Exploration Lab), Quiet Lab, and VR Lab: Main area has iMacs with Windows available and open spaces for laptops. Generally a louder collaborative working space. Quiet Lab is adjacent, no noise allowed. A small Virtual Reality Lab is in the back of 440 with VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and VR development software installed.

Computer Lab Norms may be found at ischool.uw.edu/technology/computer-labs/policies.

iLounge Norms: This space is open to use by all iSchool students, staff and faculty. The kitchen space is shared and each individual user is responsible for cleaning-up after him or herself. This includes dishes, microwaves, table tops, countertops and the fridge. The day-to-day cleanliness of the space is the responsibility of those who use it. The iLounge is more thoroughly cleaned monthly by members of iSchool student organizations. The small meeting room may be used for group meetings.  No reservations available. Use of the small room should be kept to 30 minutes per visit.

Please note that group events are not allowed in any of these spaces without prior approval of the iSchool administration. All iSchool spaces are subject to the UW Student Conduct Code: ischool.uw.edu/current/policies.

Problems Accessing an iSchool Space

If your Husky Card is not working in a computer lab or iLounge, contact the iSchool Facilities Administrative Coordinator Frankie Fowler at frankieg@uw.edu.

After-Hours Building Permits

To avoid being escorted out of the iSchool labs when MGH is closed, you need to have an official permit issued by the iSchool. The permits will allow you to stay in MGH from building close to 3 a.m. No students should be in MGH between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.

The iSchool will be issuing building permits to those students who request them. To request a building permit, please complete the survey at catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/frankieg/340441. Deadline to submit building permit requests is Friday, October 6 at 11 pm. Permits will be available the week of October 16th in the iSchool Dean’s Office, MGH 370.

Regular Mary Gates Hall hours are:
Sun thru Thu: 7 am to 12 am (midnight)
Fri and Sat: 7 am to 9 pm
MGH is closed on holidays and has shorter hours during quarterly breaks.

If you think you will be in MGH outside of the hours listed above, you should request a building permit. This is your one and only chance to request a building permit for the 2017-18 academic year.


iSchool and UW Student Conduct Policies

All students are responsible for being aware of the UW and iSchool policies and procedures to which they must adhere:

The iSchool has a reputation as a place where we develop information leaders who are sought after by top professionals in the information field. This reputation depends upon the consistently professional behavior and high-quality work of our students and graduates. We expect you to be part of this positive community by maintaining the highest standard of professional conduct possible in all of your interactions with university staff, employers, recruiters, and your fellow students across campus. We expect students to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism at all times. When faculty or staff representing the university explain policies or procedures to you, we expect that you will behave professionally, politely, and graciously, that you will follow instructions and requests of staff, and that you will abide by university policies not just at the iSchool but elsewhere on campus.


iSchool Communications

Keeping You Informed

As a reminder, our primary mode of communication to iSchool students regarding academic issues is by email to your UW email account. It is your responsibility to be aware of the information we send to your official UW email address.

In addition to email, Student Services uses a number of other forms of communication to make announcements to students. Announcements about UW activities, professional events or other opportunities for students that aren’t directly related to your academic program are posted on the Student Services blog. In addition to the blog, we also have several social media accounts.

Here are the links:

Emails for Advising Questions

Have quick advising question?  Send it to one of our advising emails.

PhD        Program Staff: Victor or Stephanie           Advising Email: ischoolphd@uw.edu

MLIS      Program Staff: Victor or Joe                         Advising Email: mlis@uw.edu

MSIM    Program Staff: Stephanie                              Advising Email: msim@uw.edu

INFO      Program Staff: Dowell or Tori                      Advising Email: informatics@uw.edu

Career  Career Staff: Cameron, Alycia, or Dean   Advising Email: icareers@uw.edu


Student Representation

There are a number of ways that your fellow students represent you within the iSchool and the greater UW. Below is a list of student representation on various committees.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a group of student leaders who serve as an advisory committee to the Dean and other administrators of the iSchool. Additionally, the group selects student representatives for several iSchool committees and allocates funding to student organizations. This year’s council members are:

2017-18 Student Leadership Council Members

  • Brandi Gates, MLIS Rep
  • Julian Helmer, MLIS Rep
  • Shrija Priyanil, MSIM Rep
  • Vaisakhi Mishra, MSIM Rep
  • Davin Lee, IUGA Rep
  • Jessica Libman, IUGA Rep
  • Beck Tench, DSA Rep

Program Committee Student Representatives

Each iSchool degree has a program committee that oversees the curriculum, admissions and policies. The committees are led by the program chair and comprised of faculty members, the program adviser, and students.

  • INFO Program Committee: Ethan Anderson, Tiffany Chen, and Chris Oh
  • MLIS Program Committee: Will Jenkins and Kathryn Myers
  • MSIM Program Committee: Sam Ewald and Emily Smalligan
  • PhD Program Committee: Thomas Johnson

Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS)

iSchool graduate students also have representation on the GPSS depts.washington.edu/gpss/home. This is a university-wide student government body that addresses the issues of graduate students across campus. The iSchool generally has student representatives from the MLIS and MSIM program attend these meetings

  • MLIS GPSS representatives: Andrew Wagster and Julian Helmer
  • MSIM GPSS representative: TBD


Conference Travel Funding

Presenting at a Professional Conference?

The iSchool has funding available to help subsidize the cost for MLIS, MSIM and INFO students presenting at a conference. These funds are requested through your academic adviser. More information is available on the iSchool website at ischool.uw.edu/sites/default/files/PDFs/MLIS-MSIM-INFO%20Conference%20Funding%20Request%20Form%20(fillable).pdf

PhD Students: you can find more information on funding for conferences at ischool.uw.edu/programs/phd/scholarships-funding


iCareers: Academic and Career Advising Appointments, Events and Career Support

Current students should familiarize themselves with iCareers, which allows you to do the following:

  • Schedule one-on-one advising appointments with iSchool academic and career advisors. Directions for making appointments via iCareers are outlined at uw.edu/current/advising-support.
  • View and sign-up for upcoming workshops and events for current students. To view an event, log into iCareers, click on “Events” tab on the left side of the home screen and then choose “Workshops.”.
  • View job, internship and other career opportunities. You can look for jobs, internships, and Capstone opportunities, upload your resume, and sign up for experiential learning opportunities.
  • Recruitment policies: iSchool-sponsored career events and on-campus interviews are privileges that carry certain expectations for your conduct. All iSchool students accessing iCareers resources and attending career events are held to a set of standards found at uw.edu/advising-support/career-services/recruitment-policy



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