Career Newsletter, 11/9/2017

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Avoiding Job-Search Burnout

Seattle’s weather has quickly descended into a wintery rhythm of wind and rain. On top of that, daylight savings time left us with days that end at 4:30pm. It’s not abnormal to be a bit dreary right now.

Nor is it out of the question that these seasonal changes might be affecting your interest in the long slog of the job search. For this week’s newsletter, we’re borrowing from a blog post that career services advisor Alycia McKenzie wrote last fall on avoiding burnout when looking for jobs and internships.

Read what she had to say below:

Fall quarter is the busiest in terms of career events and job searching. Combined with the standard demands of school and a social life, this has the ability to burn students out. Today’s newsletter features a few strategies you can employ to avoid getting discouraged while looking for a job or internships.

Set small goals. As with anything, successfully navigating the job-search process takes consistent, concentrated effort. Attempting to finish it all in one fell swoop will leave you overwhelmed. Instead, set out incremental goals that, in total, will result in securing a professional opportunity. For example, commit to 20 minutes of researching jobs and companies during the first week of your plan. The next week, plan on 20 minutes of resume work each day, and so on. Keeping your goals manageable will give you a steady stream of momentum.

Automate your search. As iSchool students, you know technology can make our lives more efficient. This applies to job searching, too. On both iCareers and HuskyJobs, you can set up alerts for specific keywords, and anytime a posting includes one of those words, you’ll receive an email. You can do the same on sites like LinkedIn, Dice, and Indeed. Try also to find places where you can upload a resume that will then remain viewable by anyone hiring. This will require you craft a more general resume but can save considerable time.

Stay organized. Save copies of all the cover letters, resumes, references (and so on) that you submit. The ability to consult these documents in the future will save you from having to start from scratch for each new application.

Make time for fun. While it might sound counterproductive, taking time to de-stress and do something enjoyable will reenergize you, giving you increased focus when you return to the job search. Grab coffee with a friend. Got to a fitness class at the IMA, or play basketball. Draw, write, take pictures. Watch the Huskies or Seahawks. Anything to get your mind off the laborious task of finding a job. It doesn’t need to be for a long time—even just half an hour of leisure each day can help you cultivate a more refreshed, positive outlook on career-related work.

These are just a few strategies for remaining motivated during the fall quarter hiring rush. For a bit more on the subject, read here.

Upcoming events


(Please RSVP via iCareers for any iSchool event you plan to attend, unless otherwise noted.)

11/14: AT&T iLounge Hangout; 9:30 – 11:00am, MGH 416

AT&T will be in the iLounge to chat about job and internship opportunities. There will be a specific focus on Applications Developer roles in the company’s Software Development Program. Unable to sponsor international students.

11/15: Liberty Mutual iLounge Hangout; 9:00 – 11:00am, MGH 416

Liberty Mutual will be in the iLounge to chat about career opportunities and what it’s like to work for the organization. Unable to sponsor international students.

UW Career & Internship Center

11/13: Exploring Your Strengths Lab; 1:30 – 2:50pm, MGH 134

11/14: Interviewing Lab; 3:30 – 4:20, MGH 134

11/15: Liberty Mutual presents: Evaluating Your Job or Internship Offer; 12:30 – 1:20pm, MGH 134

11/16: Career Launch Workshop; 3:00 – 4:30pm, MGH 134

11/17: Resume Lab; 2:30 – 3:20pm, MGH 134

For additional events, visit the iSchool and Career Center websites.

Top job/internship opportunities

  • Digital Intern (Undergrad and Graduate), Nike; HuskyJobs IDs 120675, 120679
  • MLIS Internships, Seattle Opera; iCareers IDs 6834, 6835
  • Associate Application Developer – Software Development Program, AT&T; iCareers ID 6860
  • Software Engineer (Full Stack), CampusPoint; HuskyJobs ID 120731
  • Data Scientist, Stackline (FTE or Intern); iCareers ID 6859
  • Business Intelligence Manger – Client Services (FTE or Intern); iCareers ID 6858
  • Asset Management Specialist, Gates Archive; iCareers ID 6861

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