ICF Tip #2 — Fine-Tune Your Resume

Step number one in preparing your resume for the iSchool Career Fair is, of course, making sure it’s updated with your most recent jobs and internships, class projects, volunteer experiences, etc.

Career fairs present a unique challenge in preparing your resume, though, in that you’ll be handing it to variety of employers, each with different hiring needs, methods of evaluation, etc. Creating multiple different versions of your resume, tailored to specific companies, can help your applicant profile stand out.

If you download the ICF app (available on iOS and Android), you’ll be able to see company overviews and hiring needs provided by the recruiters.* Use this information to adapt your resume.

For instance, imagine you’re interested in cybersecurity and see that Company X is hiring for a Security Consultant. An easy initial adjustment would be adding a line into your summary of qualifications that mentions your knowledge of, and passion for, systems administration. Furthermore, you could choose to put more emphasis and projects from relevant courses (say, INFO 341). While relatively minor changes, it will demonstrate you’ve researched the organization beforehand, which in turn will reflect your enthusiasm for a potential job opportunity.

Company overviews can also give insight into the organization’s values, which may affect what past roles and projects you highlight on your resume. We’ll have more on this in an upcoming ICF tip focused on researching employers.

For help making a bulletproof resume in advance of ICF, be sure to attend Resume Review Day on Jan. 23, 12:30 – 2:00pm in OUG 220. Representatives from employers registered for the fair will be there to provide individualized resume advice. If you’re an online MLIS student planning to attend the fair but can’t make this workshop, you can email your resume to icareers@uw.edu by Jan. 22 to have it reviewed.

*If information for the 2018 career fair isn’t live as of this posting, it will be soon after.

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