Career Newsletter, 5/18/18

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Summer Career Activities

The end of the year is just around the corner. Career Services would like to extend our congratulations to those of you graduating. As you begin your career, or take whatever other step is next, we encourage you to stay in touch. Dean (and soon, our new career advisor) is able to meet with alumni for advising appointments up to one quarter after graduation — that’s through August for those of you finishing in June — while the UW Career & Internship Center takes appointments up to two years after graduation.

Once you’ve settled in at your new organization, please also feel free to reach out about hosting a recruitment event at the iSchool. As you may have experienced from your time here, information sessions and iLounge hangouts that feature iSchool alumni are particularly helpful to our current students, and they can help Career Services in strengthening our relationships with industry partners. This year, we collaborated on recruitment events with alumni from companies including Fast Enterprises, Avanade, West Monroe Partners, AT&T, Liberty Mutual, and BlackRock.

For those of your returning in the fall, below we’ve outlined some career-related things you do this summer — either in place of or in addition to an internship — to help ensure that once you graduate, you step into a career you find engaging and fulfilling. The newsletter is largely a compilation of disparate topics we’ve covered in more depth throughout the year.

Determine your values.

Finding a company at which you’re inspired to grow is difficult if you don’t know what you hold personally valuable. Is your main career goal maximizing income? Or are you more concerned with finding a company focused on social good? Determining the answer to questions like these is immensely important in the job search — if you are someone who prioritizes social good, for example, you can imagine the angst you might feel at a company that ignored such concerns in the name of increased profits.

More on this topic here.

Decide what interests you.

Think about what courses have most interested you and try finding careers that would allow you to maintain a similar area of focus. Or, if you’re working an  internship this summer, track what you do, reflect on the duties you do and don’t like, and refocus future job searches accordingly. Also consider how you spend your time outside of class and work, and research ways you might turn those hobbies and extracurricular interest into a full-time job.

Honing in on interests that might lend themselves to viable careers will inevitably take some trial and error, but it’s by no mean an impossible task.

Research salary information.

If you’re able to successfully brainstorm some potential career paths, you can take the next step of researching salary figures for the jobs and/or companies you’ve tabbed. Glassdoor, PayScale, and are particularly good resources. Dean can also provide numbers on what former iSchool students are now making, and sort this information by job title and company. Having an idea of the average pay for your targeted careers will help you further determine if they are jobs you’d like to pursue, and will be helpful when it comes to negotiating an offer.

Build your skills.

Summer is an excellent time to further develop skills you’ve started building in class. Codecademy, Coursera, and Udacity are some recommended massive open online courses where you can work on your coding.

More on this topic here.

Meet with a Career Services Advisor

As mentioned above, Dean is available to meet with you all summer. And, starting in July, we’ll have a new advisor joining our team! Nayoung Won is coming to the iSchool from Yale-NUS College in Singapore, where she also worked in career services. Once she acclimates a bit to the UW, she too will be able to meet with students for advising appointments.

This will be our last career newsletter for the school year. Thank you for reading and enjoy your soon-to-come summer!

Upcoming events


(Please RSVP via iCareers for any iSchool event you plan to attend, unless otherwise noted.)

5/24: Making the Most of Your Internship; 12:30 – 1:20pm, HUB 337

iSchool alumna Heather Harris, a Solutions Architect and Data Scientist for Alaska Airlines, will give a lightning talk to arm you with powerful, easy actions you can do during an internship to kick-start your career into high gear.

Career & Internship Center

5/21: U.S. Job Search for International Students Workshop; 2:30 – 3:20pm, online

5/23: Interviewing Workshop; 12:30 – 1:00pm, online

5/24: Microsoft Global Security Infosession (Career Panel); 3:30 – 5:00pm, OUGL 220


5/22-24: TALKS by DubHacks; EEB 125

A three-day speaker series event highlighting local leaders at the forefront of innovation in technology and entrepreneurship. Featuring speakers from Microsoft and Stripes39. RSVP on Facebook.

6/27: Seattle Tech Jobs Tour; 5:00 – 9:00pm, Impact Hub

Tech Jobs Tour is a national tour-style circuit aimed at increasing access to tech jobs for diverse and non-traditional talent. The Seattle event will include speed mentoring, tech ecosystem speakers, and a coding bootcamp showcase. Register using above link.

For additional events, visit the iSchool and Career Center websites.

Top job/internship opportunities

  • Student Graphic Design Assistant, UW Sustainability; iCareers ID 7570
  • Software Engineer – Intern, IXL Learning; iCareers ID 126798
  • Bioinformatics Assistant, Center for Infectious Disease Research; HuskyJobs ID 126858
  • Software Engineer – New Grad, IXL Learning; HuskyJobs ID 126800
  • Associate Consultant, The Spur Group; HuskyJobs ID 126841
  • Junior Project Manager, Teleion Consulting; HuskyJobs ID 126854
  • Project Manager II, Decisive Data; HuskyJobs ID 126774
  • Taxonomist, Kforce; iCareers ID 7569
  • Evolving Workforce Resident: Instructional Literacy Librarian, University of California, Santa Barbara; iCareers ID 7571

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