Events: Global Challenges 11/14: “The Question of Rights”


Let’s get together on The Question of Rights

Each year, University of Washington Honors students respond to the prompt: “What keeps you up at night?” These concerns set the focus of a robust public event where experts from different backgrounds demonstrate the power of collaborative problem-solving at high levels of engagement.

This year, students asked to explore how our culture defines and defends (or does not defend) human rights. On November 14, Honors Program Director Vicky Lawson will bring together Megan Ming-Francis (UW political science), Tom Ikeda (Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project), and Angélica Cházaro (UW School of Law) in a fast-paced conversation about their respective work to understand and protect the rights of individuals in our culture.

These speakers represent a fraction of the thought leaders and public figures in our community whose rich, complicated perspectives can help us frame better questions and make more informed choices as we navigate the greatest challenges of our time. Professor Ming-Francis has focused her research and teaching career on constructions of rights and citizenship and black political activism. Ikeda’s work to explore and preserve oral histories of survivors of World War II Japanese internment contains powerful lessons related to today’s socio-political trajectory. And Professor Cházaro brings decades of practical experience at the intersections of race theory and immigration law.

Join their public conversation, where lessons and ideas from political science, immigration law, and public education through story will converge on the question of rights.

Global Challenges/Interdisciplinary Answers
The Question of Rights
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 6:00 p.m.
HUB North Ballroom, UW Seattle Campus

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