Career Newsletter, 12/10/18


Congratulations on reaching the end of the quarter, Huskies! Whether this was your first quarter or last at the iSchool, the upcoming break is an important time to rest, recharge, and reflect on your plan moving forward. We hope you’re able to read that book, watch that series, or spend time with those people you’ve been missing.

A lot of iSchool students are still searching for post-grad jobs and summer internships. That’s totally normal, and we’d urge anyone in that situation not to stress. The standard job-search stretches out months, and involves dozens of applications and multiple interviews. If you are still looking, below are some tips and considerations to help you stay focused on landing your desired opportunity.


Past results from our internal surveys have shown that only about one in four iSchoolers accept a job in the fall. Additionally, in an internship/directed fieldwork survey we’re currently conducting, nearly 60% of students have reported they didn’t receive offers until the period of March – May. Many employers prefer to hire students/soon-to-be graduates on an ad-hoc basis, approximately one or two months before they’ll be available.

Winter quarter is packed with career events and is a great time to continue searching, whether it’s online or through events. Upcoming career fairs include the iSchool Career Fair (2/12), Diversity Career Fair (1/30), and Winter Job & Internship Fair (2/14). For details and the full list of upcoming fairs, check out the UW Career & Internship Center’s events page here. iSchool workshops will be posted on iCareers sometime before the start of the quarter.


If you’ve been applying to opportunities this quarter, it’s important to reflect on and assess your strategy to identify potential areas for improvement. For example:

  1. If you’ve applied to 20-30 opportunities and haven’t received any interview requests, your application materials (resume, cover letter) could be re-evaluated.
  2. If you’ve received interview requests but have not made it past specific rounds (i.e., phone screen, behavioral, technical), your interviewing skills could be practiced.
  3. If you’ve applied to fewer than 10 opportunities, you may need to broaden your search or focus areas.

To strategically broaden your search, consider the following tactics:

  • Set up job alerts in iCareers and Handshake. You can do this using specific keywords. Then, whenever an employer uploads an opportunity with those words, you’ll be notified via email.
    • Ex: If you’re looking for a job in metadata/cataloging, search either sites’ listings for “metadata,” click “Save this Search” in the blue bar (Handshake), then select how frequently you’d like to receive emails and whether you’d like to receive new results only. For iCareers, the same functionality can be achieved by click the “+ Create Job Alert” text.
  • Upload your resume to job sites with resume banks. First, create a generalized resume applicable to a variety of positions, then upload it to places like Indeed and Monster. Similarly, creating an applicant profile on com will allow all employers using the site to see your experience and qualifications. These strategies open the opportunity for recruiters to contact you without actually submitting an application, similar to someone reaching out after viewing your LinkedIn. (For these resumes, we suggest noting your expected graduation date and removing your full address, but keeping the city, state, and zip code.)
  • Make your LinkedIn SEO-friendly. You can increase your visibility on LinkedIn by making your content optimized for search engine results. Update your profile with keywords, phrases, and projects applicable to the type(s) of work you’d like to do.
  • Connect with a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies work with numerous companies within a given area and can help place you in temporary assignments, contract-to-hire positions, and full-time jobs. CampusPoint is one of the few agencies that provides these services specifically for internships. Keep in mind that recruiting companies have varying reputations, so do your research and ask them clarifying questions, such as their level of experience and past success in placing candidates in roles similar to those in which you’re interested.


This may sound counterintuitive, but taking time away from your computer to de-stress is vital in ensuring you sustain the energy necessary to continue searching. A few of our suggestions:

  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means being singularly present in the current moment, something with both mental and physical benefits. It’s proven to reduce anxiety and increase happiness. Check this article on a 30-minute mindfulness exercise. Or check out The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness, one of Bill Gates’ five best books of 2018.
  • Exercise. Physical activity has a bounty of benefits, such as stress-reduction and improving your self-confidence. Take regular walks around campus, run on the IMA’s track, lift in the weight room, join an intramural team for next quarter — anything that gets you moving. The IMA also offers a variety of low-cost classes to students.
  • Explore the city. For those of you new(ish) to the area, there are the obvious hot spots like Pike Place, Gasworks, and the Ballard Locks. If you’re a more experienced Seattlite, check this Reddit thread on essential to-dos in the area. We also encourage you to ask your classmates and neighbors for recommendations.

This will be our last career newsletter of all quarter. The career advisors will be taking a few days off this month, but are available to talk with you even if you are away from campus. Feel free to book an appointment through iCareers or email Enjoy the holidays!



iSchool: More info and registration via iCareers

(Missed a workshop? You can always review our recorded sessions online.)

UW Career & Internship Center

A full list of the UWCIC’s winter quarter events should be posted on their website sometime soon.


Event hosted by Buerk Center + SEBA. Apply by Jan. 4 here.



  • Web Development Assistant, UW Advancement; Handshake ID 2230406
  • Big Data Engineer Intern – Orlando, Summer 2019, The Walt Disney Company; Handshake ID 2234032
  • Archival and Database Records Management Internship, Seattle Symphony Library; iCareers ID 8220
  • Youth Services Spring Intern, Beaverton City Library; iCareers ID 8314
  • UI Developer, Oslo Solutions; Handshake ID 2233007
  • Associate Software Engineer, Java, Mastercard; Handshake ID 2230654
  • Full-Time Library Associate (multiple openings), Sno-Isle Libraries; iCareers IDs 8310, 8334


Questions or feedback? Contact us at | iCareers

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