Career Newsletter, 5/28/19


The iSchool Career Services team would like to extend our congratulations to those of you graduating!

We would love to hear about what you’re up to next via the Post-Graduation Survey: (requires NetID login). Thank you for taking 5-10 minutes to provide invaluable input. We’ll also be giving out five $50 Amazon gift cards to students that complete the survey before Convocation on June 8 (and an additional five afterward).

The iSchool career advisors can meet with alumni for advising appointments up to one quarter after graduation — that’s through August for those of you finishing in June. You can continue to book appointments through iCareers, or email us with any quick questions ( For further support, the UW Career & Internship Center takes alumni appointments for up to 24 months after graduation.

For graduates moving onto full-time jobs, please feel free to reach out about hosting a recruitment event at the iSchool once you’ve settled in at your new organization. As you may have experienced from your time here, events that feature iSchool alumni are particularly helpful to our current students. They also help Career Services in strengthening our relationships with industry partners. For participation in panels or special events like portfolio reviews, we usually contact alumni who indicated interest in staying involved in the Post-Graduation Survey. And if you have any ideas for new or expanded programming, we welcome your input!

Photo from Portfolio Reviews event; students received tips from UI/UX professionals and alumni.

For those of your returning in the fall, below we’ve outlined some career-related activities you can consider for this summer — either in place of or in addition to an internship or directed fieldwork. The newsletter is largely a compilation of disparate topics we’ve covered in more depth throughout the year.


You’ve done a lot this past school year. You’ve completed group projects, helped lead your student group, volunteered in the community, initiated personal projects, etc. It’s easy to go through the busyness of life without often considering:

  • What skills have I developed?
  • How did this experience affirm (or not) my interest in the field?
  • What achievements am I most proud of?
  • What challenges did I face along the way, and how did I grow from them?

Reflecting on key experiences will help you integrate your learning into your future career search. The experiences also make excellent anecdotes for behavioral interviews. We recommend writing down these reflections now, while they’re fresh on your mind.

If you’re pursuing a summer internship or directed fieldwork, make sure to reflect on that experience at the conclusion of the summer and think about what you’d like to do next.


Finding a role and organization you want to join is difficult if you don’t know what you personally value. Every organization will have slightly different emphases and focus areas, and understanding these differences will allow you to write more targeted applications and find better fits.

If you’re looking to help solve the world’s most pressing problems with your career, check out this guide from 80,000 Hours. For more ways to determine the right fit, check out our previous blog post here.


Summer is an excellent time to further develop skills you’ve started building in class or have always been wanting to learn. Codecademy, Coursera, and Udacity are some recommended massive open online courses where you can learn new tools in your own time. Freelancing and volunteering can also help you apply skills you’ve picked up in a real-life setting. For more ideas on activities you can consider, check out our recording from the session Alternative Summer Plans here.


You’ll likely have many opportunities this summer to connect with new or existing contacts, in casual settings such as barbeques, happy hours, or sporting events. Authentic relationships often begin with a personal area of interest and can expand into potential professional opportunities.

Spend time getting to know new people in different contexts! Near the end of the summer, you can reconnect with your new friends on LinkedIn and get to know what they do for a living.


Both Dean and Nayoung are available to meet with students all summer, either in person, virtually, or over the phone. Feel free to book appointments with them through iCareers or shoot an email to

This will be our last career newsletter for the school year. Thank you for reading and enjoy your soon-to-come summer!



iSchool: More info and registration via iCareers

(Missed a workshop? You can review our recorded sessions online.)

No events currently planned.

UW Career & Internship Center




  • Graduate Staff Assistantship, UW Graduate School; iCareers ID 9024
  • Full Stack Engineer, AdaptiLab; Handshake ID 2760393
  • Software Engineer, Quorum; Handshake 2757881
  • Growth Manager, AdaptiLab; Handshake ID 2759105
  • Data Engineer, Gamesight; Handshake ID 2757316
  • Data Engineer – Web Scraping, Point72; Handshake ID 2756627
  • Associate Penetration Tester, Coalfire Systems; Handshake ID 2760144
  • Business Information Analyst II, Anthem, Inc.; iCareers ID 9039
  • Digital Archivist, Private Family Archives; iCareers ID 9020
  • Library Technician, Library of Congress; iCareers ID 9046


Questions or feedback? Contact us at | iCareers

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