Employment: Librarian Position at University of Texas at Arlington

Employment: Librarian Position at University of Texas at Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington is looking to hire an Undergraduate Success Librarian. They are looking for a recent graduate who would be an excellent advocate, mentor, and teacher for UTA’s diverse undergraduate population.

The department of Experiential Learning & Undergraduate Success is focused on using experiential learning as a pedagogical model to integrate information, digital, and maker literacies into curricula. The department focuses on experiential learning for the following reasons:

  • Experiential learning is student-centered and student-specific. Because it is grounded in the student experience and their individualized reflection, it allows for students with differing initial knowledge bases to achieve similar growth trajectories, even if they do not ultimately land in the same place.
  • Experiential learning can increase student engagement.
  • The library is a hub for teaching transferable, transdisciplinary skills (Information literacy, digital literacy, maker literacy). Experiential learning creates a foundation for library instructors to truly collaborate with subject faculty, one bringing transdisciplinary skills the other bringing disciplinary skills to the table.
  • Intentional reflective practice helps students prepare to discuss how their UTA education sets them apart from other employment and graduate school candidates.

Ideally, the successful candidate will:

  • Authentically engage with undergraduate students.
  • Flourish in a perpetual beta environment.
  • Enthusiastically lead the development of curricula and programs.
  • Create experiences intended to increase student success.

Apply via the official job posting.

For more information, please view the job posting or email Gretchen Trkay, Department Head for Experiential Learning & Undergraduate Success at gtrkay@uw.edu.

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