Employment: Research Librarian, Facebook

Employment: Research Librarian at Facebook

Facebook is currently seeking an individual to work on digital library systems and services as part of our Research Programs Team. They’re looking for a self-driven, talented individual who will be responsible for serving as the center of knowledge for the UX Research Team.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: retroactively organizing the archival of completed research projects to efficiently preserve our institutional memory, determining how to best organize present and future projects for retrieval by Facebook researchers and cross-functional partners alike, conducting workshops and training sessions on best practices for information documentation, storage and retrieval, and serving as an expert reference for researchers to consult with for new projects.

The ideal candidate will have experience as a librarian or archivist in a corporate or large nonprofit environment supporting large teams and diverse stakeholders, will have an interest in HCI/social scientific research, and will be passionate about Facebook’s mission to bring the world closer together. You should have excellent communication and analytical skills, with proven experience managing a number of complex projects at any given time. You should be passionate about the services we provide, the people that we serve, and the impact of research on those services.


  • Develop both a short term and long term strategy for the development and implementation of a central repository to house all UX research conducted across Facebook to allow for easy search and retrieval, and work with cross-functional teams such as legal/compliance, engineering, and operations to implement this system
  • Develop and share best practices for all research teams that will allow for the standardization of the content submitted to the central repository
  • Develop, implement, and regularly update a taxonomy and controlled vocabulary (i.e. a set of standardized terms) that can be attributed to all research within Facebook
  • Collaborate with the research teams across Facebook, Instagram, AR/VR, WhatsApp and other teams to locate their research repository(ies) that will then be categorized, standardized, and submitted to the central repository
  • Develop and implement a process that will allow researchers to easily submit their research, regardless of format, to the repository
  • Assist with knowledge transfer of our most important findings to help onboard new researchers, while preventing more tenured researchers from duplicating prior research (preserving institutional knowledge)
  • Be an advocate for the archival process: collaborate with stakeholders to reduce friction points that may hinder buy-in to the repository archive process
  • Regularly lead workshops, trainings, and present ongoing updates as necessary


  • 5+ years of experience in archives, or 2+ years with advanced degree in library science, information science, or similar educational experience
  • Knowledge in archival practices such as reference, digital preservation and access, metadata architecture, and electronic records management
  • Experience partnering with others to build an archive from the ground up, including needs gathering, understanding the organizable collection, and categorizing/building a searchable structure from an existing set of documents
  • Experience in creating and leading workshops, trainings, and presenting to teams and sets of stakeholders
  • Working knowledge of research methodologies, and knowledge of the differences between qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Experience working in compliance or regulatory environments in a corporate or nonprofit setting with stakeholders
  • Experience working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that requires independent time management, task prioritization, and knowledge identifying problems and working towards solutions
  • Communication and presentation experience interacting with researchers, cross-functional stakeholders, and senior management

For more information and to apply, please visit the job posting.

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