Registration: Autumn 2019 Directed Research Group, Sept 21

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Research Group Autumn 2019: Examining Values & Ethics in Children & Interaction Design Research

Led by PhD student Saba Kawas and Professor Julie Kientz
Weekly Meeting Time: Wednesdays, 1-3 PM, PT
Location: Meetings via Zoom
Research Group Course Credit: 2-4 CR/NC

Deadline: Applications due by September 21, 2019

Research Group Overview

If you’re interested in children and technology design, consider participating in this Directed Research Group for Autumn 2019. You’ll collaborate to review and analyze a body of Technology, Interaction Design & Children’s research papers from the past decade. The group’s goal is to examine the values and ethics expressed in the research papers, through (1) content analysis and (2) surveying authors of theses papers.

The focus of this systematic analysis is to code for the types of the behaviors researchers seek to support in children, the role of the child in creating these designs, the theories and models that inform this research, and the criteria that inform the technical design choices. Final analysis and findings will be written up our in the form of an academic research paper for a conference.

This research group will be led by Ph.D. student Saba Kawas, with guidance from Professor Julie Kientz and in collaboration with faculty and students from both University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Furman University.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email us at

Interested? Please complete this Google form by 9/21.

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