Registration: Winter 2020 Geography 595 A – Digital GeoHumanities

Registration: Winter 2020 Geography 595 – Digital GeoHumanities

Wednesday 2:30-5:20
SMI 109

Looking for an elective course to take during Winter quarter 2020? Interested in geospatial technologies and their intersection with the humanities? You should consider taking this course offered by the UW’s Department of Geography. It looks like a really interesting seminar course that starts with a theoretical foundation and moves on to look at real world examples and technologies.

From the Syllabus:

In this seminar, we will invite you to participate in the ongoing discussion and scholarly practice at the intersection of geospatial technologies and the disciplines of the humanities. Digital GeoHumanities refers to the systematic use of digital geographical resources in the humanities, as well as the geospatial analyses and narratives of their application. This seminar provides a unique opportunity to hone practical skills of geospatial technologies and to catalyze critical thinking of their applications. You will read literature from a few well-established geographers and philosophers in STS (Science, technology, and society), as well as the latest pieces of work by both GIS (Geographic Information Science) and critical scholars. With the theoretical preparation, you will practice a few emerging data-driven techniques (e.g., web crawling, GitHub, geo-narrative, deep learning, text mining, virtual reality, raspberry pi, blockchain, etc.), and also reflect upon their relevance to critical views, such as power relation, hermeneutics, embodiment, autonomy, surveillance, and so on. As a course requirement, you need to choose a topic from any humanities discipline, apply the newly learned visual, analytical, and synthetical skills, and also critique the significant role, mediating function, or social implication of the geospatial technologies. The course material is strongly influenced by my interest in mapping, GIS, humanities, and STS. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Bo Zhao. Welcome to this course, we are delighted to have you with us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Bo Zhao at

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