Call for Volunteers: Cares of Washington Volunteer Board Member

Call for Volunteers: Cares of Washington Volunteer Board Member

Cares of Washington is looking for passionate volunteers to serve on their board of directors to oversee and guide the organization. They are looking for diverse board member candidates that have a professional background in one or more of the following areas: small business development/regional scaling, organizational development/training, financial, personal and professional coaching, banking/accounting and fundraising.

The responsibilities of a Cares board member is:

  1. Evaluate the Executive. The Board Chair will provide an annual evaluation to Cares CEO with input from the Cares Board.
  2. Make an annual financial gift. Board members are expected to make an annual financial commitment congruent with what represents an individually meaningful level of giving.
  3. Assume fiduciary responsibility for the organization. Board members will represent the interests of Cares in accordance and compliance with the laws and statutes of the State of Washington.
  4. Review, approve and monitor the Agency budget.
  5. Establish and oversee organization policies.
  6. Actively participate in fundraising in whatever ways are best suited for the individual Board Member. This may include individual solicitations, recruiting business partners, supporting special events, identifying and making introductions to prospects, etc.
  7. Actively promote Cares in the community and encourage and support staff.
  8. Prepare for and attend board meetings, be available for phone consultation, and serve on at least one committee/work group as needed.
  9. Attend 10 board meetings annually in person on the last Wednesday of each month.

The average time that a board member spends on Cares board activities is 5 hours a month, i.e. board meetings, sub committee work, strategic planning and representation.

For more information and to volunteer, please visit the United Way of King County Website.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Martin and she can connect you.

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