Registration: Research Group Winter 2020 – Children’s Digital media and Technologies Design Toolkit, Dec 12

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Registration: Research Group Winter 2020 – Children’s Digital media and Technologies Design Toolkit

Led by Ph.D. student Saba Kawas and Professor Julie Kientz

Deadline: Form due by December 12, 2019

Meeting Time: Monday From 10 am–12 pm
Registration: Research Group Course Credit: 2-4 CR/NC
Application Deadline: 12/12/2019
Decisions: 12/13/2019

Research Group Overview

The research group is looking for a few students who are interested in applied research to help inform the UX design process of interactive technologies for children. In this DRG, we will prototype and evaluate design toolkits that translate academic research findings into actionable insights that can be easily used by UX designers in the industry. The goal is to come up with toolkit designs with content presented in an easily-digestible format such as a set of cards or an online resource library. We are also planning to run co-design sessions with professional UX designers to design, create, and evaluate several Children’s Digital Design Toolkit examples.


Include translating Interaction Design & Children’s research findings with practical relevance into actionable design tips and guidelines; prototyping the designs of the toolkit features; evaluating the toolkit with UX design professionals; and revising the toolkit based on feedback.

This research group will be led by PhD. student Saba Kawas, with guidance from Professor Julie Kientz. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email us at


This DRG is open to undergraduate and graduate students in all fields.
Students will be expected to register for 2 credits of HCDE 496/596.
It will meet on Monday mornings (between around 10 am–12 pm) in Winter 2020.

Interested? Please complete this form below by December 12, 2019:

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