Funding: Teaching Fellowship at the i3 Institute, March 1

Funding: Teaching Fellowship at the i3 Institute

Deadline: Applications due by March 1, 2020.

Each year, i3 recruits 4 PhD Teaching Fellows to come to the University of Pittsburgh for 2 weeks, where they have the opportunity to teach modules about Research Design and Tools for Research to i3 Scholars.

If selected as a Teaching Fellow, a student can expect to receive the following:

  • $1,000 compensation
  • $250 in teaching material reimbursement
  • Paid travel to and from Pittsburgh
  • Paid housing on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus
  • Ability to make connections with i3 Scholars and Leadership, as well as with faculty members at a variety of institutions that call Pittsburgh home
  • Professional development opportunities

Teaching Fellows are responsible for developing and delivering a 10-session module on their chosen topic (either Research Design or Tools for Research) in conjunction with their co-teaching partner. They also receive support from Anthony Pinterand other i3 Leadership before and during their time at i3.

For more information, interested students can visit, where they can also find a link to the application.

If students have any questions, they should feel encouraged to reach out to Anthony Pinter at

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