Career Newsletter, 5/12/20

Virtual Career Fairs

With social distancing measures in place and recruitment moving online, it is no surprise that career fairs are going virtual. As many of you know, the UW Career and Internship Center, in partnership with the iSchool, is sponsoring a Tri-Campus Virtual Career Fair, Wednesday, May 13th from 10 AM – 2 PM.

Virtual career fairs take a little extra preparation and effort. Check out these tips to stand out, build connections, and follow-up to land opportunities!

Before a Virtual Fair

  • Update your LinkedIn profile, especially your summary section, to reflect who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what growth opportunities or types of roles you are looking for.
  • Craft a 2-3 sentence introduction to use in chat conversations at the event:
    • Your class level and program.
    • Your interests and a description of your background in relation to that interest.
    • The most relevant and compelling elements of your experience and areas of strength: the problems you are good at solving; the types of work you love to do; what you are known for among team members, classmates, mentors; qualities and skills that set you apart.
    • Keep it brief, but make every word count!
  • Research employers in attendance.
    • Consider looking up companies on LinkedIn and connecting with company representatives.
    • Develop 1-2 questions for companies that you want to chat with during the event. Questions should not be information easily found on their website, or answered with just yes or no. Aim for open-ended questions, such as discussing workplace culture, potential for growth within the company, or their responses to COVID-19.
  • Have a digital version of your resume ready to go. Most virtual career fairs allow you to upload your resume to a profile that employers can see.

Preparation and Set Up

  • Set up in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, in case employers request a video chat with you.
  • Test your speakers, microphone, and video well in advance to ensure everything works properly.
  • Eliminate distracting or inappropriate visuals in your background, such as sitting with your back to a wall to avoid people walking behind you.

The Day of the Fair

  • Dress as you would for an in-person career fair or an interview. Business casual is recommended for most events. Wear a complete outfit, even if only half of you is visible.
  • Enter an hour before the event starts. Most virtual fairs open the platform early, so you can get a feel for the platform, update your profile, and review employers and job opportunities.
  • Connect with employers at their company booths and attend employer led webinars on a variety of career topics.
    • Each employer will have live chat features as part of their booth, which serves as a public group discussion.
    • Recruiters can also initiate 1:1 text, audio, and video chats with students. You’ll receive an invitation if an employer is interested.
    • You may be asked by the company to share your resume in the 1:1 chat feature through file sharing.
  • Chat with other students and career staff in the networking room, a feature of most virtual career fairs.

After the Fair

  • Follow up with the company representatives you spoke with through LinkedIn, or directly if they shared their contact information.
  • Keep doing research. Download documents, watch webinar presentations and company videos, and review open positions.
  • For companies you are particularly excited about, check if any iSchool alumni work there. If so, set up an informational interview to learn more!

2019-2020 Graduates: Placement Survey and $50 Raffle

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Are you graduating this year? Fill out your Career Placement Survey, sharing your post-grad plans with us by May 31 to be entered into our weekly raffle.

Snoopy Pic of the Week!

Snoopy is practicing his Career Fair game face and excited to network!

He would like to share the following quote by Audre Lorde: “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

Upcoming Events

More info and registration via iCareers

Career & Internship Center

And more!

May 14th, 4 – 5PM – Bain & Company UW STEM Panel; an exclusive UW panel about strategy consulting opportunities for STEM majors.

May 15th, 4 – 5:30PM – Don’t Exploit Us: Technology and the Deaf Community; hosted by ASUW Student Disability Commission & UW ASL Club, on ethics of technology and positive technology trends.

May 15th, 6 – 7PM – Special Librarianship Virtual Career Night; hosted by SLA-UW. Join the SLA-UW Facebook Group for details/RSVP!

May 16th, 9:45AM – 12:15PM – 6th Annual Women in UX Conference; hosted by WIUX, with speakers from Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, Global Game Jam, and more!

May 21st, 2 – 3PM – HuskyTech Q&A Panel with Smartsheet; hosted by HuskyTech, with Smartsheet’s VP of Engineering and software engineers! Must RSVP for Zoom Link.

Positions for Consideration

Pharmacovigilance Bioinformatics Summer Intern (Remote/Virtual), MyoKardia, Handshake

Engineering Intern, Stockpile, Handshake

Product Management Intern, BrainSquall Inc., Handshake

Emerging Technology New Grad SWE – UI, Zscaler Inc., Handshake

Associate Business Analyst, Cal Alumni Association. UC Berkeley, Handshake

Diverse BookFinder Graduate Intern – Virtual, Bates College – Ladd Library, iCareers ID 10729

Academic Library Subject Specialist Fieldwork, University of Washington Libraries, iCareers ID 10727

Questions or feedback? Contact us at | iCareers

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