Career Newsletter, 6/10/20

Gratitude, Planning, and Action

We are in the final week of Spring quarter. Congratulations to all of you for making it through this incredibly difficult year and a particular shout out to the graduating Class of 2020!

Looking Ahead

This week, the Career Services team is starting to plan for the upcoming year. With more and more reminders of the pervasiveness of inequities in our society, our team is called upon to take action against systemic, institutionalized, and internalized racism. As a team of non-Black people of color, led by a white female Assistant Director, we recognize our responsibility in educating ourselves and improving our future career programming. Our team first commits to self-education through reading and discussing articles about the experience of Black women in the workplace and Black professionals in our current moment, racial advocacy in tech, the implicit bias of “professionalism,” and ways to rethink internships and mentorship through an equity lens

Furthermore, we are committed to learning from Black-led and allied organizations that support Black people in the technology, library, information fields such as the Black Caucus of the American Library Association, we here Community School, Black Girls Code, Blacks in Technology, Black Founders, Black Women Talk Tech, and /dev/color. Individual members of our team have committed to donating money to these and other organizations focused on the advancement and empowerment of Black people. We encourage you to do the same if you are able.

We seek ways to align our programming with strategies and action steps proposed by organizations such as Girls Who Code and Techbridge Girls. In building our plan for the coming year, we are strategizing how we incorporate equity and anti-racist practices into iSchool career support and upcoming events. In the coming year, we will be: 

  • Building in dedicated professional development opportunities for staff to engage in anti-racist learning, to continue to do the work of dismantling systems of oppression, particularly in higher education and the workplace.
  • Putting money and labor towards inclusive educational materials and resources such as a free career lending library.
  • Organizing events focused on racial equity in the workplace, starting with a summer session to discuss work-life balance and workplace advocacy for Black, Indigenous, People of Color.
  • Building panels that feature BIPOC alumni and employers.
  • Continuing to share resources and engage in discussion about recruitment and career advancement for BIPOC in the technology, library, and information fields.
  • Talking to students about how our group events and individual interactions can better help you feel supported to advocate for yourself and others.

Today we share a brief look into our team’s plans, intentions, resources. But we also wish to end on a note of celebration, of your accomplishments during this challenging Spring quarter and year, and of the gratitude our team feels to work with and learn from you. As Reshma Saujani and Tarika Barrett, the founder and COO, respectively, of Girls Who Code explain, “It will take time, education, and conversation for all of us to move forward. But you, our community, gives us hope that we can move forward, that we will make progress.”

As Information School students and graduates, you inspire us everyday with your commitment to using technology and information to create change.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020, and thank you to all our iSchool students for showing us how information and technology can drive us to work towards a more just world.

Snoopy Pic of the Week!

Snoopy is taking a rest in an unusual but cozy place this week.

He would like to share the following quote by adrienne maree brown:“Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered. We must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil

Upcoming Events


View recordings from past events on the Recorded iCareers Sessions page.

Career & Internship Center

TODAY! June 10th Cover Letter Workshop; 1:30 – 2pm

June 12th Finding Internships for International Students Workshop; 1:30 – 2pm

June 15th Preparing for a Virtual Job Fair; 1:30 – 2pm

June 17th Twitter Employer Q&A 10 – 11am

June 17th Resume Workshop; 2:30 – 3pm

Positions for Consideration

Data Analyst Intern, Electronic Arts, Handshake

Product Development Intern, TheDesiBride, Handshake

Web Development Intern, College Kickstart, Handshake

Systems Engineering Associate, Applied Research Laboratories, Handshake

Digital Content Designer Intern at Charpstar, The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of the USA, Handshake

Technology Assistant, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, iCareers ID 10830  

Digital Archives Fieldwork, Bellingham Public Library, iCareers ID 10852

Novel Effects Library Content Manager, Novel Effect, iCareers ID 10850

Main Library General Manager, Meridian Library District, iCareers ID 10829

Questions or feedback? Contact us at | iCareers

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