NSIN Mad Hacks: Fury Code

Explore solutions for the future of vehicle cybersecurity. 

Are you interested in producing cutting edge, novel solutions to the most complex problems in the Department of Defense? Do you want the chance to prototype your idea alongside top scientists, developers, and end-users? We have just the competition for you. Coming soon. 

Starting February 5, 2021, NSIN will launch a virtual Mad Hacks: Fury Code hackathon to help DoD end users find solutions to the thorniest vehicle cybersecurity problems. Participants in this hackathon will compete for $15 – $30K contracts to continue developing their solutions alongside a team of experts and end-users.  NSIN Mad Hacks is open to anyone who is creative and interested in solving DoD problems. Anyone is welcome to compete, and you don’t have to be a coder or cybersecurity wizard to succeed. NSIN has had designers, political scientists, and business-minded people win our previous hackathons.  


Develop concepts, technologies, or systems that will help human controlled and autonomous vehicles operate through cyber-attacks and return to a known good state with or without human intervention.

If you have a team, bring them. If you want to connect with like-minded folks around the world, you’ll also have the opportunity to do that.  Make plans to join us for your chance to shape the future of this technology.


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